Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Side deck this format post exp4

2x Maxx C
2x Thunder King Raioh
2x Breaker
2x DD Crow
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Leeching the Light (yeah LOLOL)
2x Chain Disappearance
2x Mind Crush
1x Divine Wrath

Not mine, but just a skeleton of normal side decks etc, depending on what deck your running

Something funny: Billy Brake looks my local hairdresser. LOL

May stop Yugioh once and for all next year depending on where i go to further studies =)


EdseL said...

Leeching the Light is really great when you opponent is letting his guard down.

Leeching the Light + BLS = gg :)

LGQ said...

same issue, may stop ygo when i go for masters if the country i go doesn't support it ... problem is, i'm most probably going to japan. :)

mike said...

@ Edsel- but now it is a very very good sideboard card =)

@ LGQ- owh im going Perth. Walao Japan???? Hook up some nice chicks please =D