Wednesday, August 24, 2011

List of decks you should check out this format

1) Baha's Junk Dopple


Nicely built and consistently built.

My only preference fix would be -1 tuning for 1 lonefire or 1 debris. I reckon Baha doesnt use lonefire or debris because of Veiler + Orange Light.

2) Max's OCG Agent Angels with BLS


The first agents i see mixed with the dark monster lineup. everything looks decent.

3) Michael Bonacini's Necroface Chaos deck

Link :

TCG players should check it out.

OCG players can check out the deck too.

Quite interesting in my opinion because the deck can almost never die at all lol and its like this entire format was facilitated to make sure this deck stays at the top.

Abuse Chaos monster + super hard to kill + crazy load of advantage = good formula for current format top deck.


Bahamut84 said...

No cos Debris has almost no target and 1 lonefire is a waste of time lol

kitda9 said...

Good stuff. Good for people who can't afford the ridiulous Tour Guides.

YgoBuzz said...

still waiting for a ragia deck to come up. mine is meh. xD