Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Discussing Compulsory Evac Device and X sabers

Did some testing and theory-ohs. Why do i think its bad?

1) Does nothing against Agents. Return their Hyperion and Kristia is funny since it does nothing. Maybe slows it down a while only.
Sure you can hit Gantetsu sometimes but then its not hard to get rid of it with Sorceror, BLS etc. If you really wanted to take care of the threat of Gantetsu, you should take care of the Venus and Earth first.

2) Does nothing against LS. Returning their monsters are pointless.

3) Does nothing vs DW. Return their stuff to their hand to use again?

So, since this card can only handle 50% of the top tier decks, i wouldnt use it. Furthermore, it cant hit the stronger half of those top tier decks so ya. Sorry on posting on Compulsory being viable earlier.

In the TCG i find X Sabers being a viable deck because Exceed summoning 2 Darksouls into Revise and removing Darksoul to pull off its effect is decent. Sure its not as good as Tour Guide but it could be solid :D

Andrew pointed something out to me a few days ago.

Didnt Roy St Clair top SJ Nashville a few formats ago which was LS-heavy with x sabers? :D

Just a thought if LS becomes the meta.

May be fine because Sabers are solid (50-50) against Angels but slightly bad vs DW.

Ok thats all for today, thank you for reading.

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