Friday, August 26, 2011

Testing process with Rabbit (AKB vers)

After Beta stages, i tested it out recently on DN

VS TG Agents (amir)

results: 1-1

both games we win using BLS. 1st game he exceed gachi , i top bls, and he hyperion but i monster reborn bls. conserving helps =)

second game i gg-ed to bls.

VS TG Agents (andrew)

results : 1-1

first game won due to bls again. second game lost due to kristia + hyperion

was going into a 3rd game, and had pretty good stuff to do but my comp blackout -.- unreliable electric company. 1 hour in the dark sucks. ran to car to cool off.

VS synchro turbo deck (joo phin)

2-0 . did lots of stuff ftw. couldnt rmbr

VS Dinosaur deck (bong seng)


VS Wind up exceed (bong seng)



Notable duels were the 1st 2 duels.

TG really made Agents lot more consistent. +1 always, and TG striker makes gachi gachi easier. helps facilitate bls. OCG version of tour guide splashing

Im pleased to see it go 50-50 against Agents, which is considered a hard matchup. More testing coming up soon!

still havent tested vs dw, but i reckon after i side, i will win the next 2 games :P

i need to +1 more sorceror to 2 sorceror. boss monsters rock and stuff that can take care of hyperion + grapha for free rocks.

paul empty jar cooper just added me on fb O.O


Sean said...

What would you side against Angels?

YgoBuzz said...

interested with your akb rabbit. decklist perhaps? im currently testing tg rabbit. runs quite good. best combo i had was 1st turn trish and ragia. lol

jacob said...

whats your rabbit targets?

mike said...

@ sean- havent got down to thinking abt tat yet.

@ ygo buzz- decklist too early to post

@ jacob- genex controllers

Saikon said...

Rabbit definitively has some serious potential, but a viable build is yet to be perfected.

Anonymous said...

I totally LOL at paul added you on fb.

DivineJimmy said...

Hey mike if your having trouble with agent angel players i got some good advice. This summer my cousin who normaly sucks at yugioh bought 3 agent structure decks and all of a sudden started whooping my ass and it took a really long time to figure out how to kill the Agent angels. Use these 3 cards.

1.Iron Imperial wall- By far worked the best for Disabling Master hyperion and some of the agents effects.
2. Ally of justice CORE DESTROYER- this 3 star monster can kill any monster that isn't dark before dmg calculation. Its really good. It stops any angel in battle for only 1 normal summon ( 3 stars)

3. Ally of justice Catastor- Same as core destroyer but the sycro version.

No matter any deck against him wit h those 3 cards i'd always win.

mike said...

lol @ iron imperial wall. not a good choice.

catastor is in the extra deck of course, but hyperion destroys it.

nah im not having problems with agents, everyone is learning to play around them already, its just that that there are too many around.

core destroyer is actually pretty good, not bad, =) but in asian format, we cant use dt cards in official tourneys so yeah =(
best are raioh, and chain disappearance.