Monday, August 22, 2011

Discussing Quickdraw Synchron and BF Gale the Whirlwind

The first card is BF Gale and the reason i wanted to bring this up was because Gale can avoid BTH and its good because in a non heavy trap format, you can summon it and run over one of any of your opponent's bigger monsters.

We all know how good Gale is because it can destroy an imbal setup of BTH + Stardust.

Being a tuner is really good too and being dark lets you load the grave.

The second card i wanted to discuss is Quickdraw Synchron.

Baha did a really good version of Junk Dopple and i advise anyone interested in the deck to check it out. Consistent,

Normally, i would not even touch Junk Dopple or a deck like that because of its reliance on Ryko, but after a discussion with Baha yesterday, it made me realise that Quickdraw could go into Drill Warrior which is the next best thing to Pot of Avarice.

Because having constant access to Effect Veiler and boss monsters sounds really good. You can mill and dump your monsters and retrieve them and the best thing is that few traps out there are gonna stop you.

Might find a way to abuse Drill Warrior Hmmm!

So, criteria for top decks this format!

1) Must be able to take on DW and Agents

2) Preferably running BLS and Sorcerer to fuck Grapha and Hyperion

3) Must generate advantage consistently

4) Must be versatile and not reliant on one or two monsters to setup. Probably because 1 Veiler or Orange Herald and your dead.

Nah i know LS is hard to match once LS gets good mills and gets itself going and thats why we have the sidedeck for that lol.


Sean said...

I've already gotten sick and tired of playing LS and will prolly not run them or Twilight despite their increased power. Might be interested in trying out Junk Doppel though if my financial capacity permits hehe.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered playing Frognarchs with Quickdraw Synchron? Instead of Chaos Sorcerer, why not use Caius or Raiza?

Marodin said...

I'm running hero-beat (with zeph,gale, future fusion and bls) and so far it works quite nicely against DW. need testing against agents though. bls also works quite nicely by setting up for a parallel world fusion, and can turn the game around very quickly.

StarFisherX said...

If you want to abuse Quickdraw Synchron consider Salvage Warrior. You can't tune them, but they give you access to Rank 5 Xyzs.

Also Broww, Huntsman of Dark World works pretty well with Drill Warrior.

Lcs2800 said...

The main problem with quickdraw is building the extra deck... it's a card that requires several especific synchro monsters... At least drill warrior, junk destroyer and some lv 7. I think in most cases, choosing to use quickdraw is choosing not to use exceed.

mike said...

@ sean- good luck with that i may consider it out since i sold my 2nd x saber deck to sunglee recently :D

@ kamitsure- cos sorceror is instant +1, except if u meet BTH, its cool and yeah frognarcshs are a very good pick this format.

@ marodin- good to see u doing well. it sounds good.

@ starfisher- nah too slow. rank 5 xyz that is legal in ocg is only tyrus and its not awesome either :x

@ LCS- ya no problem ba :D i consider exceeds n synchros similar things because their concept n mechanism works similarly (u dont need to have a poly and u only need to have same level or tuner to pull off since both reside in extra deck)

so, less exceed more synchro also no problem hehe

petqwe said...

Let's see Frognarch.

1. Against DW, Caius their Grapha, nothing else. LaDD is simple to kill. Yet DW has no convenient way to kill Treeborn Frog.
Against Fairies, surviving Christia is what one need. Veiler will take care of the others.

2. BLS yes, Chaos Sorc overkill.

3. Obvious.

4. Orange Light the Swap? gg.

btw Drill Warrior is good.