Sunday, August 21, 2011

Discussing the Viability of BTH

In a speed format where 3 msts are everywhere, lets discuss Bottomless Trap Hole.

The bad thing about this is obviously you setting this card as the only card and it dies to MST quite easily.

But what if your opponent doesnt have MST? Its still a decent card.

It works similarly to people sayin Dark Armed and BLS can still be Solemn-ed and Bottomless-ed but they are still broken nevertheless.

The reason why i want to discuss this card over Warning is because BTH is solid VS Agents and LS, and Warning has a hefty lp cost while this does not, making it very practical so that you dont die to 2 JD in your next few turns.

VS Agent Angels this card is still important to take care of Hyperion and Kristia. You CANNOT rely on Veiler to negate Hyperions effect because being a 2800 beatstick still helps a lot, and it gets alot better in a format like this.

Furthermore you could run the risk of setting 2 cards and risk Heavy Storm or risk having a 50/50 removal by MST.

The strange thing is that in Malaysia here, we have had people running 2 MST and another copy of Dust Tornado already last format (probably due to the DW matchup), so it may or may not make a difference.

VS LS, you can activate this in response to Lylas to remove them from play still. At least opponent lost a normal summon, lost the ability to mill, and since it was banished, it will not facilitate JD. Its always good to ruin LS' setup a lil

The same thing applies here with Hyperions because you cannot hope to Veiler your opponents JD and BLS or Sorcerors, because they are still solid beatsticks. So, it leads us to think if BTH really should not be removed from our maindecks or not.

What do you think?

Of course, this post is more focused on the OCG, compared to the TCG, but it still applies both ways since LS/ Twilight and Agents are gonna be big everywhere in both metas.

I would like to hear your opinions.

I cannot call on either side yet because both pros and cons kinda balance each other out. Maybe cons outweigh the pros a lil bit since BTH dies to DW.

I think extensive testdecking is required.

Thats all for today thanks for reading


Anonymous said...

DD Trap Hole FTW!

Anonymous said...

i think BTH is still good to main deck because your opponent dont have the 3 mst/HS always in their hands. For solemn i'm gonna think about it bec. of its lp cost.

U said...

I think BTH is going to be great side decked. Good against LS, agents, hero beat and others. Main decking it would be good but probably not at the very beginning of the format. A couple months in once the meta has been determined.

Anonymous said...

Bottomless Trap Hole is still decent. After all, it is the best universal card to stop the boss monsters. Even if it gets destroyed by MST, it's still a 1 for 1 trade.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Finally someone who realized that your opponent won't always have an mst or a heavy, you sir are a genius!!!

LightGrunty said...

Like you said, Dark Worlds may make it harder to Main Deck Bottomless Trap Hole. But, I think that it's worth maining two in the TCG.

Michael Bonacini said...

Been starting my new format testing, I've found that Bottomless is generally better than Warning, but running neither has been even better. Just rely on Gorz and Tragoedia to respond to stuff (because draw power is playing a bigger role this format, you can see them as often as you would be seeing BTH / Warning)

mike said...

@ U - i wouldnt side it. I'd just main it or cast it aside =) ur right, wait for the meta to stabilise i guess

@ duellikeanidol- good reasoning

@ LG- yup will test it out in my meta. it might be necessary

@ Mike Bonacini- Yeah there's that part of the argument too. I will still test in my meta. Cos from my country everyone still plays Warnings and BTH for now. And Fairies are really popular now, Tragoedia and Gorz do nothing to Kristia.

Lcs2800 said...

Since the game will become faster. I think that will be more commom we see player caring more with their life points. I'd bet warnning and even solemn judgement will be more side deckeds than maineds... Opening space for BTH, Compulspory, and other cards to spot the opponent ASAP.