Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shot at banlist lol.

Since i have some free time now and im bored, i will just take a shot.

ummm. ummm. where to start.

i will not be doing a post of what should be banned for the good of the game, because the TCG bloggers have already done it, and did a pretty good job so you can just read theirs lol.

so mine will probably be a combination of what i really want, plus a mixture of what Konami would do.


Giant Trunade
Limit Break
Monster Reborn

To 1:

GK Spy
LSS- Shi En
Formula Synchron
TG Hyper Librarian
Black Luster Soldier- Messenger of the Beginning
Heavy Storm
Royal Tribute
Pot of Avarice
Solemn Warning

To 2:

Reborn Tengu (for TCG)
Destiny Draw

So, i can almost believe that Konami wont touch alot of random good stuff that makes Tier 1 decks Tier 1 because Konami thinks that the format is healthy and diversified bla bla

Im only okay okay with the whole format because i still dont like what YGO has become, whereby the skill level has dropped. When you see cards like Breaker, DD Warrior Lady, Sangan which were considered definite staples in the past , dropped for new broken cards of broken synergious theme cards, you just know that something wrong with the game. Or we have come to the point of the game where Chaos Sorceror is not even broken anymore.

Urmm explanation time,

Giant trunade banned- too strong card. wipe field and clear and rape that turn. Even Storm is not invincible because of Judgment, and ppl going to the extent of maining Starlight Road.

Limit Break- refer to michael bonacini's explanation. otk card, no deck should be allowed to have a card which can potentially deal 8k damage in a turn. somewhat like DSF. the drawback of this card having to destroy monsters at end of turn is a joke because you won the game already. Dont tell me your expecting your opponent to open Waboku.

Monster Reborn- alot of theme support revival. I dont really mind it around, but i think it should go. It is quite okay since Konami always gives us one copy of a really powerful card to include in our decks, and i stil think Brain Control was far worse than this card. Im having mixed feelings about this card though. I dont think Konami will do this, but then i wont mind having it banned, neither will i mind it staying around.

I didnt include Future Fusion because i dont think Konami will ban it. They do not think the inconsistency on Future Fusion reliant decks is an issue lol. I didnt include Gorz for personal biased reasons and also i dont think Konami is gonna do something like this after leaving it at one. Like i said, Konami will leave us one or two broken cards to fool around with. Not every deck can use Gorz anyways. It would be sad if they ban it since here in Asian format, its not legal, and we never got to use the card xD

Semi Limit:

GK Spy is sort of a personal pick because i think GKs gain too much advantage here and there, and also because Spy is an instant Necrovalley through Recruiter into Commandant. Urmm. Its just good. Even in other non GK decks, AKB decks can use it well too. I dont mind if i get flamed on this choice. 90% personal

LSS Shien- Six Sam is still bonkers if they successfully resolve this guy. I believe he should be like Black Rose. Play one and lose him. Unless you use DEST. and Monster Reborn. DEST should not be allowed to make multiple Shiens and even with 1 shien, you can still open up with Smoke signal or the materials to synchro shien and still pull him off.

Formula synchron- self explanatory. still at 1 because its yuuseis ace card and nobody wanna use Recipro Dragonfly. Many Pot of Greeds in a Junk dopple deck with Librarian around.

TG Hyper Librarian- as much as i think it should be banned, I think Konami will not make such a drastic move straight away. Usually, they will "test the waters" and leave it at one first. lol. still new in TCG so i dont think they will ban it so quickly..

BLS MSTB- This is probably gonna be the most crucial part of the banlist because it will be getting everybody's attention.

Ppl are gonna realise soon that BLS is not that splashable and even if we try to make Light Dark decks, its hard to fit it in well without sacrificing much synergy. I admit there is Twilight LS decks, but Konami will probably want to increase deck diversity.

Furthermore, its still Solemn-able and able to be Bottomless-ed. Many of Konami's actions have reflected their intentions to bring back BLS because of its release in TCG Gold series, and i have a feeling it will be reprinted somewhere in OCG, if not in Gold Series next year.

They have also been testing the waters with increasing the numbers of Chaos Sorceror consequently for the past few banlists. This is Konami's mentality- "lol okay its just a bigger Sorceror lol lol lol"

Im also having mixed feelings about this card. I would love to see it back, because its one of my favourite monsters, but i know it may be unhealthy for the game. I dont think anybody has actually decided to have a testing session with their friends by trying out BLS against meta decks and seeing if it is too broken or not. I have no time for that but i would love to hear from readers if they do try it =)

Heavy Storm + MST = self explanatory. Michael Bonacini has repeated it too many times.

Royal Tribute- I dont know what Konami thinks of this card. Its an auto win vs almost every deck except Six Sam and Dark World, and i fear that DW was Konamis answer to Royal Tribute. Use DW or else you will get Royal Tributed. Take the damn risk. I have a feeling Konami wont even touch it at all, but the most they will do is probably cut it down to 1 in my opinion, as Crush Card was at 1 too.

Pot of Avarice- self explanatory. both personal and professional because honestly who isnt annoyed to see plant duelists play avarice and draw 2 cards and pull off either Junk Synchron or Debris Dragon in late game. lol. Even worse, TCG players keep seeing Tengu.

Solemn Warning- They should totally limit this because its too splashable. You want answers, just main BTH or Veiler. Judgment was limited so should this. I hate it when i try do something and lose it to Warning consequently 2 turns in a row lol and my opponent keeps setting up. If you Warning me 2 turns in a row, i think i will lose if i do not have Warnings also lol.

Limit to 2:

Dewloren- lol.

Tengu- LOL.

Destiny Draw- something that should be done but will not be done. Konami has ignored this already i think.

Back to 3:
Bottomless Trap Hole- It became much much better again when Konami took away priority. Seems like its a step taken so that ppl use more BTH so they can limit Warning.

Any other extra cards like magic stone excavation marshmallon etc i couldnt care less good night and thank you for reading :)


Bahamut84 said...

BLS is a bigger chaos sorceror that can out face down monster (also known as OP lol)

And chopping twice is also skill.

mike said...

Oh so thats what OP stands for! lol. anyway, i still think Konami will unban it, got this feeling. then can use my PR version omgggg. Aside from plants, or twilight and maybe light beat (with extra dark stuff), where do you think ppl will play it?

Bahamut84 said...

I don't know... Six Samurais? lolol

But people are gonna make way to stuff that into their deck for sure, unless you are playing a deck with some other win condition.

LFN said...

Light Beat with dark stuff... mmmm... breaker! reaper !

this sounds delicious

Michael Bonacini said...

It will get unbanned unfortunately. Chaos Sorceror at 1,2, and 3 hasn't done too much - Konami has been testing the water for a long time, and I think they are ready to pull the trigger on it.

Valafar123 said...

Boo, Heavy Storm. *does not approve*

And BLS-EotB is Kevin trolling the TCG player base.


Jesseh said...

I would LOVE to play under this list except being a Dark World player I don't want to see bth at 3 xP

ChickenNoodle said...

I really hope BLS doesn't make it's return. 3000ATK isn't something to joke about. It runs over common Synchros such as Stardust Dragon, Scrap Dragon, etc, and it has potential to swing over two at one go. =(

mike said...

@ Baha- hahah then you will hate 6 sam more ... i think most decks got their own win condition liaw le... unless konami takes them all away which is not possible..

@ LFN- i dont know... breaker sounds good.. reaper is just okay there..but for BLS it is possible!!

@ mikebon- yup. :)

@ Valafar- dont know what konami tcg is thinking even withh the recent tengu comments. if BLS does get unbanned, i have this feeling that its TCG konami's fault and they probably brought up the topic...

@ JJesseh- BTH isnt hard to play around in DW :) u have dw lightning and grapha already. plus you can main breakers rykos etc up to your liking

@ chieken noodle- yup..

Jesseh said...

Yeah it's just if I get careless and a random bottomless hits me i'd just be like =(

Anonymous said...

Shi En should be at 2 and DEST should be at 1... like really Shi En is not that hard to beat...