Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yes i caught the BF fetish too

Been itching to post all day. My comp has been slowwwwww.

WWBF because i wanna try something new. This deck is X Saber's worst matchup (in Malaysia format now) imo, and im not kidding.

So, why do i want to play WWBF?

Because it can run the best trap in the game, Icarus Attack.

I love to play control.

Thanks to Sean last night for stayin up late to brief me on the deck. Thanks to Andrew for reconfirming certain questions, and other stuff regarding the deck.

1 Zephyros
1 Vayu
1 Sirocco
3 Blizzard
1 Kalut
3 Shura
1 Gale
3 Bora
1 Dark Armed Dragon
1 Gorz
1 Spirit Reaper

1 Book of Moon
1 Black Whirlwind
1 allure of darkness
3 pot of duality
1 dark hole
2 mst
1 monster reborn
1 giant trunade

1 delta crow
2 solemn warning
2 bth
2 icarus attack
1 torrential tribute
1 mirror force
1 royal oppression
1 solemn judgment
1 call of haunted

1 Delta Crow because i love heavy storm

only 1 sirocco because it sucks vs junk doppel and my meta not much wwbf.

tmr dark world deck final list. n explanation. u guys should be surprised to see how much the list has changed


Reign-Beaux said...

You are not playing cards for black feathers for this deck? How has your dark world changed?

mike said...

thats why i post tmr ba.

haha no. got 3 duality already.

cards for black feathers not needed

petqwe said...

Just to say, Shura into Kochi is an Inverz Roach.

Exiro said...

WWBF sounds like the name of some world-wide tournament, lol.

Could you tell me why BFs run Spirit Reaper nowadays?

Anonymous said...

gorz is not needed pls...u always gay with gorz,most of your deck got gorz

-Team Enem3-

Michael Bonacini said...

Hahahaha and you called me crazy a few weeks ago for wanting to play them, too! :P I don't blame you. The TCG's reprints will likely get me trying this deck too.

mike said...

@ petqwe- yes i know. however, i dont like the idea of having kochi in my hand. it suxxxxxx bad, sorta like breeze in hand.

@ Exiro- reaper serves as defence, serves as a card to bait out warning, mirror force etc. Or. best of all. its level 3. so

Blizz + level 4 + spirit reaper = trishula

@ anon- yes, i can almost guess your shahmir.. i love gorz ^^ its a personal preference, and its an amazing card, i have the space, so i'll play it.

@ mike bon- oh i love it. some bloggers and friends have been telling me about BWs and they sound amazing. deck which requires pure skill = <3

if not, zephyros + reaper + blizzard, many possiblities.

Sean said...

Yeah, 1 of the main reasons Reaper is in there is to serve as a fodder for synch-ing Trishula. I don't think Call is needed. Perhaps you can replace it with something better like D.Prison to get rid of Stardust.