Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dark World again

Im sorry if i post too much DW stuff.

I have heard some players saying its overrated. I beg to differ. The deck built in a different way, and played by a good player will overcome that statement. I'm almost confident it would be played as much as Machinas back in the days, Dragunity before aklys got nerfed, and Agent Angels.

This is an opinion, and if it doesnt happen, im ready to accept all criticisms etc. We've all been wrong about things. Dark World has serious potential. Grapha is an even better boss monster than Hyperion and the deck is packed with so many Destiny Draws.

I've played the deck and 3/5 games, i open up with Gate , Dealings etc and see about 1/4th of my deck before the game even begins.

Out of 5 games, i played at least one destiny draw in 4 games on my first turn. Thats pretty good if you ask me.

If you ask me, Dark World now is like D- Heroes back in the past. Play Destiny Draw and Dark World monsters like Snow and Broww and you will be rewarded for playing such cards. Dont get Destiny Draw, and you end up with crap in your hand. In this case, theres Broww and Snow etc. So, its a good risk. Props to Michael Bonacini for posting on Destiny Draw last format.

However, the difference between D Heroes last time and DW now is the consistency. Now you have DW Lightning, and Gate to make sure they are all live cards no matter what.

Here's the list:

19 monsters
3 Grapha
3 Sillva
2 Goldd
3 Broww
3 Snow
3 Breaker the Magic Warrior
1 Sangan
1 Morphing Jar

15 spells
3 DW Gate
3 DW Lightning
3 DW Dealings
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 Card Destruction
1 Allure of Darkness

2 Solemn Warning
2 Bottomless Trap Holes
1 Dark Deal
2 D Prisons

I wish i could just do this like a Youtube video, because it would be so much easier. I
So, the first thing you guys will be surprised is why the hell there is no Dark Armed Dragon. The main reason i didnt like him is that he is really DEAD in the opening hand in early game. It will just sit there and do nothing while the number of darks remain constant (gate controls it. Remove one, dump one)

Then, once its in the hand, it will just wait till I Card Destruction or Morphing Jar him away. I dont want to run such an inconsistent card inside. Some may not agree. Run it at your own risk.

Next up is the presence of Celri. What?? Not a single Celri? From testing in 3s, i hated drawing them in multiples. So i cut them down to 2. It still sucked, so i cut it down to one. Still bad, although it resolves Sillva, my sillva is incredibly prone to Solemn Warning and leaving Celri on my opponent's field gives him a +1. Its level 1, a very versatile level, meaning my opponent who has 8 levels worth of fodder could suddenly end up having Trishula (8+1), or he gets free fodder for Formula Synchron.

Not worth it at all, imo. Im also sick of explaining to ppl how Celri's effect works.

3 Grapha is staple, 3 sillva is staple because its better than Goldd, (i'd rather take away 2 of my opponent's hand cards then destroy 2). There is only enough space for 5, because 6 is overkill, you'd see them all stuck in your hand.

Before i started playing DW again, i took the chance to view decklists from Shonen Jump championships and saw that Theresak Poonsombat's built ran many others like DD Warrior Lady, Breaker and others. Then it hit me, that DW was special summoning so fast, it almost wasted its one normal summon per turn, which was a waste.

I tested the deck with 1 Breaker and it worked well so i threw in another. It worked so well i threw in another. Breaker is so good because its an instant plus one. I'd usually mass draw then throw down an MST, drop Breaker, drop Lightning and discard Grapha for maximum card simplification. Breaker is a plus one, and if not, it baits Warnings and BTHs (which is the most important thing) so that your DW monsters can be dropped safely.

I like Breaker too because the whole deck is about plus-sing with Grapha, and Gate, so why not Breaker too ? If you cant summon your DW monsters, you can always rely on Breaker as an Allure fodder or use it as a beatstick to waste some of your opponents stuff.

The deck runs 3 DW Lightning contrary to what i think about how it hits chainable back rows. I realised that if i dont overextend, MST wont hurt me and the exchange would just go as a one for one. Its good to hit face down Rykos, Snowmans, Worms, and others. I love starting the second turn in the early game with a Breaker/ MST and a DW Lightning.

Furthermore, if the deck opens up without Dark World Dealings, and has a Gate, you will find Gate dead and the only way to activate it is to set a DW monster, get it destroyed by battle which is pathetic and wasteful. Lightning makes sure that doesnt happen.

The end result is amazing because the deck simplifies monsters with Grapha, Solemn Warning, Bottomless Trap Hole, while spells and traps are taken care of by MST, Breaker and Grapha and careful baiting.

Also, once this deck drops Tyrus. Ohmygod. Stuff that gets can kill Tyrus is Compulsories, which is very uncommon here, tech Dimension Prison which will usually be destroyed by Breakers and MSTs, and Trishula and Brionac which destroys everything as well.

My traps are simple, direct and still undergoing some changes. D Prisons are interesting but i may switch them over for Book of Moon and Torrential Tribute. I dont like Torrential much in here, because its redundant with Grapha, but Book sounds fine.

I tried 3 Dark Deals and they were overkill. Two were okay, but unfortunately i dont have a second =( and im still scouting for another piece from local players. Its an amazing card that didnt get reprinted (i feared that lol).

One is just right because sometimes it can get situational and my hand usually has a field card or something so i dont want my opponent to hit that. I cant just replace my own field Gate because doing so will SOOOO telegraph and give away that im setting Dark Deal. I remember when i was playing DAD in the build too. Made it just worse.

Ermm. Apart from that, i asked some local players about their ideas for DW and they were buying Fabled Ravens. I personally dont like the idea of mixing tuners like that in DW. Sure you can get out a Stardust or something but thats not the point if you ask me. Those DW monsters are precious discard fodder, and Raven isnt all that great, its not Breaker-good. I would rather use the DW monsters as Exceed fodder. Its a pretty much okay idea only if you ask me :/

I mean its a mass discard card like Card Destruction and Morphing Jar, so it could work too. Its not my cup of tea.

I was also tempted to run Return from the Different Dimension. I tested with it. And it was awesome when resolved properly, because removed Snows nett me Inverz Roach, while removed Browws nett me no 17 Revise Dragon (free food so why not?), and level 5s Tyrus. However it got stuck in my hand in early game and that sucked.

Because early game is very important to DW since you need to outspeed, control and setup (kinda) from there.

There are many better possible builds, i'm positive of it, and my DW deck above is just one out of so many ways to play the deck. Im quite sure the deck will reach tier one or so, and top a few tourneys.

Or its gonna be like Agent Angels when it first started out last year. There was a hype, it died down, and just stayed around tier 1.5 from January to May, and now when the format changes a lil, it takes advantage of it and becomes tier 1. It SHOULD be something like that. Or. It could just go all the way, Grapha is really good.

When I have the time, i will search all the articles for DW here in this link. You can do so too.

Props to Sean for discussing DW with me too =) It helped alot having a decent player give me opinions about the beta-building phase of the deck.

Thats all for tonight, and thank you for reading this! All comments, and feedback are appreciated, and i will reply each and single one as always. Have a nice day y'all.


Zero said...

From wikia;

"This card's effects can only be applied or activated while it has Xyz Material."

Since it says "effects" instead of "effect", I'm pretty sure that the whole thing isn't applicable, instead of the immunity thing. I'd like if you can prove me otherwise though.

In another note, DW seems unstoppable in my POV. Is there a good way in combating them? I know Shadow Imprisoning Mirror and Suppa Nuki stops them, but is that it? I might need to run Macro if DW ends up becoming the next Machina Gadget.

Sean said...

Nice build, bro. I can see your own flavor in it :D. Just a suggestion - why not drop a Breaker for a DAD? It's rly good.

mike said...

@ zero- yeah you're right. Thank you :)NO, DW is not that unstoppable. Many decks like BF, Sabers can still play around it. I've already figured ways to play around it with Sabers.

Probably Mirror, Crow, Crevice etc

@ Sean- thanks :) err reason above in the post. may consider it again soon

Tang Wai Xian said...

i use 3 celri n it worl pretty good...u should try putting 2 sillva and 2 gold-wu, allure of darkness works well too! With Escape with the dark dimension and the Gate together is a great combo!

mike said...

@ wai xian- i've been there and done that, no doubt celri is good if resolved, but if it isnt resolved, its really really bad and just does shit.

its a -1 in the process, and if your opponent warnings your monster which you discareded, then you just -1ed yourself which i have already discussed.

Even without celri, the deck can still continue that brokenness. I admit celri+ sillva is amazing but sillva + dark deal is just as amazing.

and i dont need celri to get off goldds effect because i can resolve destruction effects via grapha, breaker and mst.