Saturday, June 11, 2011

Triple Veiler

Recently thought that Effect Veiler is the new Book of Moon.

Played against Psychic Gusta a few days ago, perhaps the best psychic deck in the whole of Malaysia.

Gusta practically let him draw his whole deck out with Mind Master and Brain Research Lab at work. While he Trishula me 5 times (Brionac recycled) and he set 1 Solemn Judgment and 3 Mind Over Matter face down.

Game 1: He won the die roll and he went first. First move he went for one for one. WTF. drew Brain research lab quite soon onwards and then he did the FTK.

Game 2: I started, set Warning, Torrential Darksoul, and won the game in 2 turns.

Game 3: He started first and he opened with Emergency Teleport. abit WTF.

Game 4: I went first and didnt get any negation except Book. Sat there with a set Emmersblade. He had Mind Master in his hand so he normal summoned it, drew Teleport and did a Book. He ended his turn. I went for the kill next turn but he had Waboku! Next turn Mind Master fcked me up.

That was the games without sided Veiler. i went 1-3. Yes embarrassing score

I sided Veilers.

Game 1 : I didnt draw any even though I had a Duality in my hand. We stalled for a while and he finally went for the kill.

Game 2: I drew a Veiler. Win

Game 3: Drew Veiler, Book Warning. No need say.

Game 4: Veiler appeared somehow. Won without much effort. Seven Tools negated his Wabokus and Mind Over Matters all the way.

So, the first 4 games was quite bullshit cos he opened godly all the time. I still think 3 Veilers are damn necessary for the sidedeck.

I wonder why no one in Japan is running Psychic Gusta or Fish FTK.

Im scared Mind Master wouldnt be banned because Konami's answer to it is 3 Veiler because through testing it does work once you side in 3.

Of course this isnt the Asian format so i dont expect many other competitive Malaysians to bother about this post much.

However, one thing i have to admit is im a bad sidedecker, because I dont have the chance to join tourneys so my sidedecking skills are bad. Meaning I have no idea what card should go into my sidedeck. However, I do know how to side stuff in and what stuff to take out.

So, a rough copy of my side would be:

3 Veiler
1 DD warrior Lady
2 DD Crow
1 Greenkappa
1 Consecrated Light
2 Nobleman of Crossout
1 Gottoms Emergency Call
1 Seven Tools of the Bandit
1 Crevice into a Different Dimension
2 Chain Disappearance

Yeah i think the side is quite bad :/

Take note that Im preparing this side for my meta (which allows promos) and its kinda weighed towards the next upcoming September format where X saber Darksoul and Boggart will be legal in Asian format

Im siding 2 Crows and Crevice for Frog Monarch, Dark World and probably plants, fish or anything.

3 Veiler for those fcking Mind Masters and anything else :D Though if i enter an Asian format tourney, which i will after my SPM, i'll probably replace my Gorz with a Veiler or a DDWL

DDWL is good because i saw LGQ tech her. Honestly, good choice. Very random, unpredictable, and savvy, and she removes the monster from play. Which is good.

Greenkappa and Light for BF.

2 Nobleman for plants. But im thinking it isnt that effective anymore. Probably gonna cut it out. Maybe replacing with 2 Divine Wrath because Agent Herald is getting popular. Only thing to fck Herald is Wrath. Or a card called Destruction Jammer.

1 Gottoms E call: X Saber :)

1 Seven Tools: BF, x saber etc

2 chain disappearance: Plants samurai frog etc whatever.

It would help if you guys give me feedback on my side, and etc. Thanks. Lol


Sean said...

Yeah, Veiler is good. It's almost like a staple now. I've started to main 1 in my BF :)

Bahamut84 said...

If you are wondering why no one uses such deck in Japan (or anywhere for that matter)

Vs Six Samurai - Shien wins game
Vs Agent Angel - Orange Light/ Kristia wins game
Vs Junk Doppel Variant - Many answer
Vs GB - Chariot and the whole GB family is irritating
Vs Trap based deck (Scrap, TG, Falcon etc) - not much a combo deck can do without Trap Stun/Trunade

That's why ppl play these decks, lower probability to lose to random decks.

I'm not saying X saber is bad. As you said, your opponent opened godly and nothing anyone can do about it lol.

mike said...

@ Baha- thanks for the info.

yes im aware x saber doesnt have any out to it atm because its more like a deck that cares only about its own interactions. seven tools lock and hyunlei faultroll do its own stuff.

is it possible that the "act of siding 3 veiler means the deck GG" count as a reason too for them not playing it?

@ sean- yes. i even considered taking out that lone d prison just to run veiler !

kitda9 said...

You know, I'm kinda interested in this Gusta Psychic deck, always open to new possibilities. Could you talk more in depth about it in your next post?

blackwingEX said...

lemme share my X-Saber Sidedeck

I main a sangan to search it out (it's better than sitting on an emmersblade IMO)

and then...
2 veiler
2 puppet plant
2 crow
2 consecrated light
1 greenkappa
1 grand mole
2 dust tornado
3 etc...

Michael Bonacini said...

Everywhere I've read about the OCG it seems like people who want to play Fish can't get Dewlorens... it's depressing :/

And if Gravekeeper wasn't still prevalent in the TCG, I would main 3 Veilers in like every deck lol.

blackwingEX said...

^hopefully it means that Fish would remain untouched in the next banlist :D (though highly unlikely)

OT: maining triple veiler seems a lot just to counter mind master

if we play out the odds, 1 mind master + 1 e-teleport = less chances of opening vs 3 veilers am I right?

mike said...

@ kitda- i dont know much either. i just sit there and talk to others while letting him do his combos :p no fuckin idea. i just know it involves 2 gusta green girls

@ Mike Bon- yeah, thats basically the case here. You've made awesome videos but we cant test it here because well... cost a frigging rm150 ($50 per card here)

@BW EX- thank you for sharin the side :) i will side dusts when GK becomes meta here. and ddwl over grand mole for me.

Sean said...

No Puppet Plants or Kinetic Soldiers for duels against Samurai?