Monday, June 13, 2011

Empty Space Sea Sepent Levial

This card is becoming better and better.

Definitely an investment.

Rank 3 is easy to achieve for TCG Tour Guide decks, and any X Saber deck.

The reason why i brought this up was because when i was dueling the other day, i found out that if my Darksoul was removed, and i didnt have any left, i needed something to bring it back efficiently.

So, when i purchases rm300 worth of exceeds from cookie, i found i bought one copy of this so it actually fulfills the task quite well.

Ermmm. sometimes in X sabers, you may find out that you have a bunch of emmersblade/ darksouls in your field when your opponent gets rid of your tuners, and your opponent has something big on the field.

What do you do?

summon Revise Dragon.

Not kidding. It actually works as a beatstick.

Looks like i have to swallow my words :p

however, it doesnt change the fact that i think the card overall is not awesome and its not that good anywhere else asides from x sabers and maybe worms.

im still a stubborn guy hahha. check this link out. its a scrap tech genus deck that topped recently. very very interesting.


Bahamut84 said...

What exceed did u buy that it totalled to 300 rm o.o

petqwe said...

Honestly Revise Dragon is not so bad. Especially when you are down to 800 facing a Brionac and you draw Tour Guide.

You may think it is situational, actually this can happen often, yes.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of tg scrap deck. This deck definitely better than tg flamewhell. Scrap dragon effect destroyed own tg and get another tg in the end phase so u won't run out monster card. The deck use beast as beatstick and i love horn of phantom <3<3<3

mike said...

@ Baha- 2x revise, 3x tyrus, 1x levial, 2x terrabyte, 2x roach

all GENf exceeds are rm 30 each.

roach cost me rm110

oh so actually the total was rm350. my bad! and side orders like 2 sr veilers for rm25 ea

@ petqwe- yeah. i know. we dont have tour guide here. but situations like that happen enough in my x sabers.

@anon- i have no idea how scrap flamvell works :/

Clover said...

Damn expensive -.-

mike said...

for malaysia counted cheap leh.. our pricing abit you know la..

cant compare wif singapore. 3 siroco 1 vayu rm 200 only here abt rm 400 -.-

Clover said...

Lolz save money then come Singapore buy everything u wan

mike said...

@ clover- yup beginning next yr ma :) after KL trip then head to singapore after my SPM exams. need save for plane ticket ><