Friday, June 17, 2011

Preparing for next format (OCG)

Its a little early to do so, i admit, but i'm doing it already. They say the early bird catches the worm.

Im talking based on OCG and Malaysian format. So, sorry to TCG readers. This doesnt mean you will close this post first because its always good to know about other ppl's meta.

First of , if you haven't invested in Effect Veiler, you should. This is because Veiler is the only out you will have to an x saber savvy format. people will spam darksouls and faultrolls. If you dont want to lose your whole backrow to 3 Heavy Storms in your opponent's extra deck, your only out is Veiler. because its the most reliable out to hyunlei in the OCG format. Dont be stupid and run Starlight Roads because there's 3 seven tools and Trap Stun around.

Next up, you should be siding those 3 veilers and picking up 2 copies of crow and crevice if you have not had the chance.

This is because im predicting Frog Monarch to have a strong matchup next banlist because it wont be touched and it has a strong matchup against dw, and i wont have to elaborate on dark world at all haha.

Nobody should be maining Prisons or Mirror Forces either. Mirror Force is bad against Samurai with shi-en, and its bad against GK (recycle with stele) and its gonna get bombed by Hyunlei anytime. Those cards should be avoided at almost all costs. D Prison is still decent against GK. Removing their GKs is always good.

Then if you havent got any Levials and Roaches and Solid Rock Gantetsu, you should pick some up now. Roaches are amazing everywhere from X sabers to GKs to Hero etc. Solid Rock Gantetsu is good in angels too because Agent Venus becomes a +2 and a random 2200 attack beatstick. Gantetsu is super hard to kill too. You will waste a turn or two to kill it. which is very good because it wastees your opponent's cards, resources, cuts off his game tempo, and gives you stall time. Soliel was right about this.

Levial is good too. I posted on how it can help X Sabers in the 2nd n 3rd game when your Darksouls get Chain Disappearanced or Nobleman-ed. Levial is perfect (rank 3) and it brings your stuff back. Check out Clarence's post on Six sam utilising this too. Good with Birdman and synchro decks like Plants.

Thats all for today. Im tired already. May have a part 2 post up soon if i rememmber what to write, or if i find the time

Gotta prepare for SPM oral examination. If i fail this, i dont need to sit my exam >.> of course oral is super easy except its in the Malay language and my mind goes through 2 processes.

Thought Process 1: Think about what you want to say. in english
Thought Process 2: Convert to BM. Possibility of making mistakes along the way too LOL


LFN said...

good luck on your exam :P

lol learning about ocg meta is always good for tcg players. just because you guys have a slightly different cardpool doesn't mean we can be ignorant and assume it's completely irrelevant.

mike said...

thank you :D lol.

Sean said...

Well, I haven't actually read the whole post but there is 1 point which I'd like to address - D.Prison/Compulsory/Book of Moon + Mirror Force is a good combo to get rid of Shi En when he declares an Attack.

Sean said...

Also, all the best in your exams too :). I've passed mine and am now having my sem break :)

mike said...

Thank you :) its just bm no biggie.

haha but that would be wasting two cards just to kill one :( and it has already thrown alot of tempo of ur plays and killed some of my monsters. furthermore, theres possibility of magatama musakani

Sean said...

Though it is as what you have said, the opponent would have also used 2 cards to make a Shi En. Also, if you open Mirror Force 2nd, his entire monsters will be wiped out if he doesn't have Magatama.