Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Whiff of Bad Luck

Some fucked up thing happen today.

A tournament was held in Kuching (my district) and it was meant to be a casual tournament. However, there was a suggestion given by Sung Lee that one place in Malaysia's top 16 for Nationals was to be given to the East Malaysians (we are on a different island-borneo to be exact, if you have heard of it which is likely because we have a fuckload of rainforests here)

So, the tournament organiser's dateline was today, and he didnt know. So Andrew called me up to ask me if i knew who. I immediately called "martin wong" the tournament organiser and told him about the news. So he decided to use todays tournament as the results for Qualifiers, during the last minute after the tournament has finished =.=

This is really fucked up because i had a great chance to go, and that meant i would have an all expense paid trip to KL if i won and had a chance to meet Andrew. Sunglee, Cookie LGQ Sean and the gang again.

Really a waste of chance. Damn pissed now.

Didnt go today because i was preparing for my oral which required minimal effort.

The worst part is the tournament today is the number of ppl participating was only 8 or 9 people? WTF? Damn high chance to top?

Anyways i would still like to congratulate my friend Jun for winning it, although he did win with Hero Beat, which was not considered legal for Asian tourney policy because Stratos, Shining, Zero and Raioh are not allowed..

The organizer, Summer Tea, aka Martin wong scrubbed with dark world. This doesnt mean that Dark World is a fail deck.

"I can see alot of people running over-aggresive, bad and inconsistent versions of the deck " Quote from Andrew which i agree 100%

Me, Andrew and Sean are currently experimenting with many possibilities of DW.

I would like to congratulate Andrew for topping in both KL tournaments that happened this weekend.

On Saturday, he topped 4 with Dark world =)

Today, he won the whole thing with GKs and is guaranteed a spot in the top 16

Haihs, really makes me feel even more mad that i missed a golden opportunity.

If i had gone, i would have gone with Agent Angels, which i feel is probably the most consistent and all-rounded deck among the KL meta pool.

I managed to get the whole 3 decks of complete Angels with a SR Stardust, SR seven tools, SR debunk, and 2 Herald of Orange Lights for only Rm200. So i guess the whole week wasnt all that bad.

That does mean im gonna be doing an Angel project soon =)

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Anonymous said...

we r left aside >.< thx to andrew,im alone now pew2...haha,gonna start from bottom i guess :)