Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Power of Gadgets

Apart from being an incredible game simplifier, Gadgets have the power to swarm the field with Exceeds in one turn.

Earlier on at one point. there was only no 39 Utopia so people were already hyping Gadgets.

Now. At least 3 more playable Exceeds that are ranked 4 have been released.

They are:

Gemknight Pearl- decent beatstick

Disigma- Awesome game simplifier too.

Roach- built in Oppression.

So, we all know Ultimate Offering is the catalyst for this combo.

Spamming 9 gadgets in one deck and 3 ultimate offerings. Now, there is a very very high chance (no im not gonna do the math too lazy) that you will open up with 1 or more gadgets and at least one Offering in your opening hand.

Even without Offering, there is always 3x Duality to improve the numbers for you.

And.. Everytime you summon a Gadget successfuly and search, you thin the deck thus giving you more chances to draw into Offering, or reveal Offering via Duality.

Even without that dreaded combo, the deck can still simplify and beatdown for a while.

So, lets see how many Exceeds we can summon in one turn!

Flip offering, summon 3 gadgets, and pay 1000 lp for offering. you have 6 gadgets left in your deck/ hand

exceed summon disigma.

drop 2 more gadgets, and exceed a roach.

you now have 4 more gadgets left to use, meaning you can exceed another disigma or roach depending on your mood, and playstyle.

So, you can actually end up with 3 roaches (6 gadgets there) and 1 disigma (3 gadgets)

pretty awesome huh.

The best thing is that the deck is going to be easily compatible with 3x Pot of Avarice.

If you are playing casually, you could even summon Pearl or no 39 Utopia, even though Im NOT a fan of utopia, and i have never been, and never will be, despite how everyone says how good it is. Unless some bullshit support comes out for it then, since it is the main character's main card...

And it is at 2500 attack, the base attack for all main character main monsters.

Not to mention, Baha pointed out that Utopia cant prevent opponent's dimension prison and mirror force

I have this freaking tendency to run Safe Zone, Dark Bribe, Seven Tools of the Bandit for some awesome good fun !

3 green gadget
3 yellow gadget
3 red gadget

3 pot of avarice
2 mst
1 monster reborn
1 dark hole

3 ultimate offering
2 seven tools of the bandit
2 dark bribe
2-3 safe zone
1 mirror force
3 dimension prison
1 torrential tribute
2 solemn warning

Extra deck
3 steelswarm roach
3 disigma
0 Utopia (sorry i just had to do this)


Anonymous said...

let us not forget about tengu

Exiro said...

Lol @ 0 Utopia.
But seriously, beatsticks that limit the opponent's chances of getting ridding of it (they're mainly going to have to use card effects) are always awesome. Think Gigantech.

Breakers also tend to work very awesomely with Ultimate Offering. Either you lure out their Warning, or you get rid of it, and then you can follow-up immediately!

Something a lot harder to counter, however, is Effect Veiler on the Gadget. Ouch. Or not, summon the other Gadget in your hand and laugh at the opponent!

petqwe said...

Thank you, Utopia is completely useless.

mike said...

@ Anon- let us not forget that tengu doesnt activate its effect when it gets removed as an exceed material.

@ Exiro- But i would have to use 2 level 4 monsters to invest in it :/ Its easy to come across Bronac Trishula everything often or Hope can just be attacked twice . I would much rather invest in Roach which can lock down some of my opponents plays.

Very good, about Breaker. totally forgot about him ! :D

A field like Disigma + Roach backed up by a Dark Bribe, seven tools etc is very very scary

@ petwqe- your welcome man. glad you agree too