Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Celestial Blue King Hide + Inverz Roach

Level 6, beast warrior, dark, synchro. Is generic.

Effect: when this card is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, select one face up monster your opponent controls. It loses 2400 attack.

Nevermind about the effect, i couldn't care less about it.

Now we finally have a level 6 synchro that is generic to replace Goyou Guardian.

Now i dont have to sync Brionac or waste a Hyunlei just to summon a level 6 synchro.

And with a generic level 6 synchro back, maybe BF- blizzard the north pole will see more play again?


Inverz Roach.
Rank 4, attack 1900
2x level 4 exceed material monster.

Effect: You can remove one of this cards Exceed material to negate the special summon of a level 5 or higher monster and destroy it.

Once again, amazing. New Exceed monster that is probably the best around.

Only 2 Level 4 exceed material monsters make it a joke in Gravekeeper deck.

Adding more negating options to a strong anti meta deck is just bullshit.

Furthermore, you can negate twice. So, you still plus one because you lose 2 level 4 monsters but then you gain one monster and you can negate twice. If you got your exceed materials from spy, then congrats you basically plused 2.

Its attack is not strong, but it is decent and in a deck like GK, with alot of protection, be prepeared to be amazed.

Its a guide book promo so its probably around rm 4o to rm 50, so i can invest in a playset from kinokuniya.

Thats all for today =)


Anonymous said...

Actually we have a decent level 6 synchro already, Chain Dragon... Its attack equals to Stardust and it helps to thin opponent's deck too

Zero said...

And the name is Heavenly (Celestial?) Wolf King Blue Sirius. xD


Hyde Ride is the lvl 3 Fiend Tuner that make Synchro requirement to become like Gottoms.

@Anon: Thinning opponent's deck may not be a good idea. Don't want hitting Dandylion/GUB now, don't we?

mike said...

@ anon- yeah. chain dragon actually benefits your opponent.

@ zero- inverx roach <3

Exiro said...

If Inverz Roach is a +1, Royal Oppression is a +9.

Valafar123 said...

What a lovely Inverz card for Gravekeeper decks...



mike said...

@ Exiro- Yes that is true, but Royal Oppression is a limited, so its not seen often, and its a trap, making it slightly harder to protect.

Inverz Roach is 1000x more accessible too because of Spy, and it makes Stele live in early game.

Exiro said...

What I'm saying is that Inverz Roach is not a +1 and that Royal Oppression is absolutely not a +9. The opponent can analyze and will simply not special summon a monster if it can be destroyed by a face-up Iverz Roach or Royal Oppression. You don't count a lockdown as card advantage because it will never actually generate that advantage.

Royal Oppression is a +1, though, because it's face-down the first time it's activated.

Anonymous said...

A better generic level 6 synchro than Chain Dragon would be Gaia Knight, which has 2600 ATK.