Thursday, March 3, 2011

I hereby mark my return to Dark World

Colorless, Chaos King of Dark World

Effect/Level 8/Dark/Fiend/Atk 2800/Def 2000
This card can be special summoned from hand or graveyard by sending 3 fiend monster from your hand to the grave. Once during your turn or your opponent's turn, you may activate one of the following effects:
- Until the end phase of this turn, all normal magic your opponent activates become "your opponent picks and discard one card from their hand"
- As long as this card remain face up on the field, your opponent cannot activate trap cards until the end phase
-When this card's controller discards, the controller draw a card

This card is the new ultra rare of the Dark World deck.

This deck has been my favourite deck 3 years ago, and has been one of my trademark builds long time ago.

Colorless, special summons himself when i discard 3 fiend monsters.

Imagine discarding Goldd Silva, and swarming the field with this.

Or discarding Broww, huntsman of dark world and drawing a card to replace it.

This card has 3 very different effects which you can select from. Lets break them down.

Effect 1: Naturia Beast. But helps Dark World players
Effect 2: Trap Stun
Effect 3: Hyper Librarian for Dark World

The best thing about Dark World decks are that you can run Deck Devastation Virus.

Aaaaaand. I speculate the spell card support in Dark World structure deck will be:

Road to Dark World
effect: Search one Dark World monster to your hand, then discard one card from your hand.

As it was used by Bronn in the anime.

Also, the return of Dark World can allow players to mix MGS (Fabled) monsters inside for Chaos Sorceror.

Or allow you to run Dark Necrofear (which i did last time)


Anonymous said...

If Colorless really says that, when he is special summon what you can't won't be as he sends, not discards.

mike said...

it was roguely translatd by my friend, so i cannot confirm.

Being a dark World support monster, i can only assmue that Colorless obeys Dark world mechanics so it will help to discard properly.

also im not sure either haha

KeViSen said...

where is the source??

the return of the dark world is awesome!!

blackwingEX said...

that is just broke >_>
but even if the effect ends up not as good the deck's definitely worth the pick-up

expect the name the be nerfed too :p
kowlourlez - or something stupid like that

mike said...

jap's translations probaably karalesu or something like that.

Reign-beaux was a decent name. so was sillva or bronn.

I heard the effect states "sent" not discared so it should be less powerful.

however as this card is fiend support you shouldnt waste much advantage with the MGS fabled deck.

also 3 cards to summon a boss monster with crazy effects? Its hyper librarian, naturia beast + forceful sentry , or trap stun! crazy! and you can choose once per turn! meaning probably one effect during your turn, then opponent's turn another one. wow!

Sean said...

Hey bro, what's with all the Dark World fetish? :D haha just jk..