Sunday, January 30, 2011

Forbidden Lance and and Debris Dragon

Two different card reviews:

1st: Forbidden Lance.

Q: Why should we use it?

Ans: Because it can get over Book of Moon, the number one annoying card in the game. Nuff said. PS: useful in certain situations too.

Like totally awesome in Scrap decks. lol.


2nd: Debris Dragon in XX sabers.

Okay the whole trend is splashing 3 Debris in all Plant synchro decks and Junk and Debris decks.

But what about XX sabers?

Its perfect combined with XX Saber Dark Soul.

In fact, if you think about it, the advantage it brings is equal to, if not more powerful than the advantage it gives Debris Dandy decks. I mean sure they get 2 tokens, but then for XX Sabers, you can search a Faultroll/ Fullhelm/ Boggart to your hand to complete the gay combo.

For just one card, they can destroy the whole field and search one to hand.

It wouldnt hurt running an extra debris (like 2 in the deck?) , because its totally useful in different situations, especially the ones where you cant get make any moves because you dont have the right card.

It is INCREDIBLY easy to search to your hand now that you have 1 sangan 2 debris, and maybe some pot of dualities to do the job.

This is gonna create the mst, heavy storm relationship, whereby you set one you get hit by mst and get hit by a beautifulsetup. you set 2, you run the risk of getting bombed by storm and lose advantage.

This also becomes similar, because opponent can die to black rose and debris if they overextend too much, and if they dont, hyunlei will rape them and you have control of the game.

Makes the deck just like Debris Dandy, if not more explosive.

It gives the control edge to XX Sabers, making less aggresive and swarm oriented.

Yeah its better than running the 3rd Boggart or Faultroll, where it will clog your hand and make you feel frustrated drawing 2 or 3 at the same time! *I know i am so gonna get flamed for saying this*

If you dont need it at that moment where you draw it, then you are doing fine and most probably in control of the game. So, its like a backup rope-of-life card.

Now everyone can Wrath of God ! (MTG term)


I would also like to wish everybody Happy Chinese New Year =) do not get too wasted, do gamble alot, and do not spend all your ang pows on Yugioh or you are gonna regret it !

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