Monday, January 24, 2011

YuGiOh once again!

Honestly losing interest in Yugioh atm. I'm very sceptical about the ban list so i'd wait till then to play YuGiOh properly and competitively again :D also, havent had much time to put my mind on the game.

I caught sight of Blue Rose Dragon earlier and I'm not sure if it will work in plants or just slow you down.

Honestly, Debris Dandy is already a slow enough deck, but good and explosive nevertheless, so would adding 1 copy of this dragon make any difference to its consistency?

It is a self replacing monster which revives Black Rose Dragon, Dandylion, Tytannial, Lonefire etc.

Dark means fodder for Chaos Sorceror which is a very good tech that replaced Caius in OCG builds.

I also saw Maxx "C" when mike bon pointed it out to me , a similar card to Black Shining "G", but is an exclusive for the TCG only. I think it is a very good card and the more i look at it, the better it gets.

You may not know it, but i love card mechanics that work from the hand, eg: Cyber Dragon, Honest, Gorz, and Effect Veiler.

When Konami released Gorz, i practically fell in love with it, and the latter 2 because they were very good balanced tactics, that brought alot of variety to the game.

I can discard Maxx C in response to a special summon and it would nett me one card, so at most its a one-for-one.

Its basically Konami's answer to Tech Genus Hyper librarian which encourages synchro summoning and imbalanced drawing of cards.

Basically, the general mentality would be to discard it when you know your opponent is gonna make 2 or 3 synchro summons/ special summons this turn.

You can discard it and i guarantee you your opponent will not special summon anymore for the rest of the turn. Why? Who in the right mind will let your opponent draw 2 or 3 cards in one turn. Fuck no, right!

So you can count it sorta as a temporary Royal Oppression, because its only for one turn so it reminds me of Trap Stun. Because seriously, the drawbacks are that being a monster effect, it can be negated by koaki meiru guardian, doom calibur knight, divine wrath, GB chariot etc.

Oppresion is a trap so it has its drawbacks of Dust Tornado, MST etc.

Oppression may be long lasting but that means its purely for sidedeck when your slower deck faces off against a fast deck (hint hint samurai), and it is made for decks like this format BF and metabeat.

Since Maxx C is temporary, this means it can be used in decks that still can focus on special summoning.

Of course, there is one situation that your opponent will ignore its effect, that is if they guarantee they can pull off game

However that would mean they make more than 2 or 3 synchro summons that turn (assuming only), so it could give your opponent a chance to draw into Gorz, Battle Fader, Tragodia etc.

Pretty balanced imo =)


YuGiOh 5Ds is ending and I'm really sad about it because it was a great anime, with an awesome storyline.

So far, i have liked all the 3 YuGiOh series, because:

1) Yu-Gi-Oh!- the original version- because the really unrealistic feature and the originality of the episodes made it a very good anime, it was so epic everytime Yugi won with Saint Dragon God of Osiris etc.

i dont know why but it gave me that warm fuzzy feeling when you watch it, as you remember the times when we were just newbies, and we admired how Yugi played in the anime, and we would go ballistic everytime we got an ultra rare foil card that exceeded 2500 attack points. I remember the times i worshipped my blue eyes white dragon (yes im being hyperbolic now), or carried my deck everywhere when i was like 9 or 10?

2) YuGiOh GX- Now Gx was a really different anime, and what really appealed to me is how GX was made to revolve around schooling. I think GX relates to most of us, because we're still in secondary or tertiary level education, and that slight innocence in Juudai's face and his wacky smile (before he became emo), brought some freshness to the Yugioh World. Also, i believe there is a part of Juudai in every single one of us.

3) YuGiOh 5Ds - gave us the synchro summoning concept, which is by far the best change Konami has ever introduced to the game. I didn't like the anime at first, but i think we could all agree it has the best storyline and plots among the 3 Yugioh series. In fact, its like some a split between a twisted soap opera + the epicness of any blockbuster fiction action movie, and good ol-fashioned Yugioh mashed into one messy enjoyable anime.

I really hope Yugioh Zexal lives up to its expectations. Yugioh has been an awesome part of our lives, and Zexal better kick some ass.

If you think i will enjoy it because it revolves around school like the GX era, no way jose. It will never bring the same warming effect as Juudai and the gang. First of all, the artwork is already a let down, and it seems to appeal more to kids, and i'm not too sure if kids will actually even like it.

Zexal reminds me of digimon- it had gone through so many generations, and i basically grew up on the original Digimon, for the first 3 seasons, where Agumon, War Greymon, Veemon, imperialdramon, and Gallantmon, were the main highlights. Now it seems Yugioh has lost its idea too and its magic is slowly fading.

I apologize if this post is being pessimistic, because (maybe just maybe) it makes your interest in Yugioh diminish, and you are beginning to feel like me, im sorry but its just what i feel hahaha.

However im not quitting Yugioh, as i like my Yugioh career just fine the way it is. In fact, i may sound controversial here, but im excited to see the new cards zexal will bring. Not the anime! Just the cards!

So, Konami and Shueisha, please dont let us Yugioh fans down!


LGQ said...

The character design may be a let down(at first, I got over it in a few minutes, and quite like it now). But the animation quality should be good considering the entire Studio Dice is there to supervise it.

Anonymous said...

probably everyone would have the same sentiments as you, regarding yu-gi-oh! altogether

it feels like 5D's all over again with the new summoning concept and the probable burnout since everyone would be spending wads of cash on the last set of the anime...

everyone expects Generation Force to be a newbie booster compared to EXVR and STOR

just like how TDGS was after PTDN and LODT

Michael Bonacini said...

lol at Maxx C being Konami's answer to the Librarian, cause they created both >_< i think we need an answer to Konami!

mike said...

@ LGQ- yeah!! i hope not...i wonder if it will be like naruto and shipudden and have a time lapse where the guy grows older or something.

Anon- Thats really true. although i know i wont be spending on EXVR.

Actually, TDGS was really good =) i mean emergency teleport+ synchros made it buyable. but everything else sucked.

@ mike bon- upper deck!!!! i dont know about you, but which did you like better, upper deck or konami?

and seriously dude, i was browsing back on the old metagame articles... really nostalgic and i seriously miss the time where we built decks that required skill, promoted originality and we used only the best, most consistent cards in the game instead of theme decks everywhere.

Anonymous said...

using the best, most consistent cards meant higher card prices and less representation of varying duel behavior...

not to mention it's harder to side-deck with the current field of theme-based decks ergo more skill required :P

Dandywarrior would the the throwback deck based on your definition but it really made feature matches boring especially on mirror matches >_>

mike said...

like fcking boring man. but ocg ones should be diff now.

why higher card prices? almost every good staple has been reprinted (in ocg)

also, who r u man

blackwingEX said...

Michael Richmond - Philippines

just another nobody duelist happened to enjoy your blog :P

mike said...

i see :)

thank you so much for your support.

haha its support like this that keeps me blogging

Anonymous said...

do us all a favour - quit ygo man - good riddance to bad rubbish i say

Jesse James- The Original Sundance Kid

mike said...

like who are you to tell me that?

DivineJimmy said...

Hey mike if your having trouble with agent angel players i got some good advice. This summer my cousin who normaly sucks at yugioh bought 3 agent structure decks and all of a sudden started whooping my ass and it took a really long time to figure out how to kill the Agent angels. Use these 3 cards.

1.Iron Imperial wall- By far worked the best for Disabling Master hyperion and some of the agents effects.
2. Ally of justice CORE DESTROYER- this 3 star monster can kill any monster that isn't dark before dmg calculation. Its really good. It stops any angel in battle for only 1 normal summon ( 3 stars)

3. Ally of justice Catastor- Same as core destroyer but the sycro version.

No matter any deck against him wit h those 3 cards i'd always win.