Sunday, January 30, 2011


Though its a little hard to say, Black Rose really needs to be limited...

That will solve all the Debris Dragon problems.

I cant believe someone paid $180 for the Duel Terminal TCG Trishula...

I'm also happy that Kuching will finally get a more active, decent Yugioh community cum 2011! Man, why do i have to have SPM this year... =.=

Thinking of going to LA to study. Or New York, because unc works at a uni there and i can get special rates.

Or Perth. But i heard Perth doesnt have Yugioh, not that i care..

But thats only after a year of KL. Most likely will be going to Taylor's College next year, see ya there next year =)


LGQ said...

TCG is experiencing what we did last year in Infernity Format, where a Trishula cost you 350+. But since the ang mou so rich, their price sure higher than us de (since it hasn't been limited over there)

mike said...

kinda pity them. duality and warning price like must sell their arms or legs just to get it