Monday, January 31, 2011

Top 10 most powerful synchro monsters

1) Dark Dive Bomber

2) True Six Samurai- Shi En

3) Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier

4) Brionac Dragon of Ice Barrier

5) Black Rose Dragon

6) Star dust Dragon

7) Tech Genus Hyper Librarian

8) Formula Synchron

9) Scrap Dragon

10) Goyou Guardian

Time for some explanation. You really cant deny that DDB takes the top spot. It dominated a whole format of Yugioh whereby the first Cat player to draw a god hand and drops DDB will win.
I still remember being one of the few OCG players on, and explaining to them how good DDB was, and i was mocked by most who thought that nobody would even touch DDB.

True SS Shi En is the second most powerful card because of how easy he is able to be summoned and the synergy he has with his deck. It can also negate a free spell/ trap which makes this card so good, and your opponent has to waste a Dark Hole/ Book of Moon just to force this card's negation effect. Then if he wants to make more moves, he still hasn't cleared the possiblity of multiple books/ warnings/ magatamas face down on the six samurai player's field.

When i was in KL i played against Sean (a Six sam player with god luck) who would open with gateway and good cards each game. Traumatic experience. (no he didn't stack, he just shuffles well)

Above all, Six Sam Shi En is incredibly difficult to destroy, since you can just substitute a random kizan or whatever samurai on the field to prevent Shi En to be destroyed. Truly the most powerful and annoying synchro in the game right now.

Trishula is self explanatory because usually, whoever summons it first will win the game. Brionac is the best OTK machine around and is incredibly easy to summon (6 is a magic number for many decks around)

Black Rose came fifth because it can perform Wrath of God. Stardust is still a good control option so why not.

Tech genus Hyper Librarian is there because of draw turbo decks like Fish and Fabled draw engines. Formula Synchron is a pot of greed in disguise too, combined with the librarian. i'd like to see formula synchron gettin hit in the upcoming banlist.

Then Scrap Dragon and Goyou, which are 2 decent generic staples in everybody's extra deck.

Take note that this list isn't affected by favoritism. I hate TSS Shi En. Nuff said.

My Favorite list will probably go something like this:

1) brionac
2) trishula
3) black rose
4) scrap dragon
5) naturia beast
6) stardust
7) collosal fighter
8) junk destroyer
9) fabled raging
10) hyunlei


Michael Bonacini said...

LOL @, that site is terrible. I tried a year ago on that site and got headaches. DGZ is atleast a little better. But yeah, I remember buying DDBs for 15-20 cause no one thought it was good, then I lol'd when people had to buy them back from me for 45+

I think Goyo needs to be alot higher on your list than 10th place. Not only having a massive 2800 attack, but also taking whatever it kills is bonkers. I remember in Teledad, Goyoing Stratos / Stardust / Thought Ruler was gamebreaking. It's one thing to kill a monster like Trishula, Brionac, etc do, but its even worse to kill it and turn it against your opponent.

I also think Trishula was only game breaking at 3. Now, I just see it as an equal exchange for committing so much to an awkward synchro.

mike said...

Goyou may take 7th place etc. But i have yet to see Goyou make much of an impact in the OCG.

i actually liked the tele DAD format for a while, something like a war of synchros. players who splash a random psychic commander get lucky becsuse they can go into black rose, and i remember playin against a field of stardust and goyou, but i survived on Threatening Roar (friend's deck). Then next turn sync Collosal Fighter FTW. awesome insane.

trishula is still gamebreaking at 1. decks cam summon it easily for one card only and some can even summon it for free or nett off advantage in the process (samurai- bushido counters, sabers- darksoul search, dandy- fluff tokens) and then they -3 the opponent with trish's effct. thats what makes it so good. oh, it can banish shi en to shadow realm too :D