Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New stuff

2011 is gonna be a blast! :D

Masked Change is a good card for Elemental hero decks because of its Cunning of the Six Samurai effect.

Imagine this:

Send Absolute Zero to the grave for masked change. destroy all monsters on opponent field. special summon Masked Hero Vapour. You now have a 2400 attack beatstick that can't die from monster/ spell/ trap effects. And your opponent has no monsters on field. Nice...

With a cunning of six samurai effect, you can chain it to various effects. However aside from the combo above, meh , cos no light or wind masked hero around :(

Vision Hero Adoration will give Soliel's D-Synchro deck more options instead of just going for Zero. Now Malicious can be used for Miracle Fusion.

Tech Genus Werewolf is awesome. Special summonable when you special summon any level 4 or lower monster. Indeed, there are like 10000 ways to do this?

Just like Doppel Warrior, why is Konami making it easier and easier for us to special summon Trishula !

Or any other synchro.


Also i take back what i said about Tech Genus Hyper Librarian. Boosting 2400 attack, its likely the highest lvl 5 synchro monster to date. Being able to draw whenever YOU synchro summon is also a thousand times more useful.

Its gonna be wicked in fish. Everytime i synchro Formula synchron i draw 2 cards. Everytime i put a new synchro on the field, draw one card. So it replaces the card you discarded to resummon Fish Blaster.



Bahamut84 said...

Magical Android is 2400!

Michael Bonacini said...

a light masked hero would be amazing! these are only the first few cards revealed, so there might be more than just a water and fire one. i also want to see the confirmed effect of "hero arrive" - pay half my life and special summon stratos? lol

and hyper librarian is the reason fish will be broken in the ocg.

LGQ said...

dude ... malicious CAN be miracle fused already ---> into zero. and adration can't be miracle fuse if you forgot...

i'm waiting for Daian and Dark Law's release most probably one in the manga thou.

mike said...

Mike Santoso- i forgot la ! hahaha

Mike Bonacini- There should be more, because Juudai has more duels to come etc.

I almost regret giving up the idea on fish :( no matter, building exodia is cooler :S

LGQ- slipped my mind. posted that after 8 shot of vodka last night.

why adoration can't be miracle fused?

LGQ said...

u do realize that adrasion ain't an E HERO right ...

mike said...

DOTZ i did realise that.

forgot that miracle only for E hero. oooppppss.