Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Discussion and Updates and a Deck Concept

So here's a small post abt vigilance. Then later something about excel summoning.

In all tournaments, you are bound to meet stackers/ cheaters and ppl who play just to win.

The best deck to stack is gadget.

This is because everytime you summon a gadget you are enabling yourself a chance to stack. And get to future fusion/ limit break etc.

Basically Gold Sarcophagus also allows stacking and any deck that has recruiters. Emmerblade Darksoul in X Sabers help to stack too.

However just cos im running Sabers, i do not stack. LOL. i get the consistency cos of 2x Pot , and 3 blade, 1 Hamster , 2 Dark soul and 1 Sangan (in testing). if i stacked, there wont be times i open with double stun/ double boggart and lousy stuff like that.

samurai also can stack very well too. But not as well as gadget because gadgets basically have the chance to stack every turn as long as they open with a gdget, which is....always.

Samurai cos of the retarded gateway and 3 smoke signals.

Thus you should really watch out. And be careful okay.

I started to give thought about Faultroll being limited.

Actually, that doesnt bother me all that much as the deck can adjust itself really well just like Blackwings. Of course this now means ragigura is important. And the deck will be more trap based. And by that time, Dark soul will be in OCG so i can easily get my 3rd copy !

The deck will be just less speedy and OTK-ish and possibly turn more toolboxy and more anti-meta-ish. Like LGQ's !

At that time, people may not be running Book of Moon anymore because Synchro summoning might be superceded with the introduction of Excel summoning.

To all who do not understand what is excel summoning...

You basically get excel summon by replacing one (or two) or more monsters on the field with the monster you excel summon. The monsters used for the "excel summon" must have levels equal to the monster you wanna excel summon.

So basically imagine you have Blue Eyes excel monster (Take note this is not real and its just a mock situation).

Then you overlap your Psychic Commander (level 3) and your Cyber Dragon (level 5) to excel summon a level 8 Blue eyes. Then... the 2 monsters will be moved to the spell/ trap card zone.

And yes its like Gem (crystal) Beasts.

Now this game mechanic is definitely not as strong as synchro summoning imo, cos the monsters to excell summon surely would not be from the extra deck cos thats just fucking imbal. It will be part of the main deck (im sure)

So it will actually be quite situational to obtain the exact levels of excel material monsters on your field.

However this game mechanic could clog your spell and trap card zone. Making you able to set 2 or 3 spell / traps only.

But, this type of game mechanic is good in the sense that you don't lose card presence when you tribute summon. So the monsters could be used as fodder/ bullets for other card effects. i.e: Scrap Dragon, Scrap Twin etc.

We are still not sure if the monsters in the spell/ trap card zones are treated as monsters or spells/ traps still as there is no detail.

For all we know, if the monsters could be treated as monsters still and still carry out their original monster roles (such as attacking and using their effects), this could mean we get up to 10 spaces of monster zones!

That would bring a whole new state of Yugioh now that we could use 10 monster card zones if we excel summmon. From decsilentenigma's blog, he provided translations that monsters used for excel summon are overlay (possibly overlapped) on top of it. So, maybe you excel summon and then you move the two monsters down beneath it?

There are several possibilities to excel summoning ,and honestly, im pumped.

But let's just wait for Konami's official announcements.

(images below on Yugioh Zexal are taken from decsilentenigma's blog)

Possibly some art of excel summoning being conducted.

LOL oh look here's the female character -.-

Yuma and his mum.

Also, there's new Machine "kikou" monsters! Machine Imperial Soldiers Skiel Wisel Grannel and Machine Emperor Dragon Asterisk!

Malefic Cyber End Dragon! Beautiful.

Kikoutei Dragon Asterisk

Kikou Imperial Granel Ein

Skiel Ein

Wisel Ein

The Kikou monsters all look pretty lame to me. Skiel/ wisel/ granel Ein are just mini toy versions of the original Machine Emperor counterparts.

Looks like Konami is gonna cram everything into Extreme Victory.

Also I'm gonna say that the new Angel Structure is awesome. 3x Valhalla is imbal. It can summon Hyperion and Kristia on turn 1.

Running Sanctuary of the Sky may sound irrelevant and stupid but trust me it was awesome and crazy. I would probably fit in Athena, splendid venus, or that Thethy the Goddess of Light. And other stuff as well like Mudora (awesome beatstick) and some Shining Angels/ Nova.

Run 2x Pot of Duality and 2x Treasure from Heaven as the core engine. Then, run a whole lot of fearsome traps to stop opponent half dead.

Insane deck thinning from Earth + Treasure + Duality + zeradias + hecatrice.

If i save enough money, (which im very sure i can) im gonna pick up 3 angel decks and build it right there in KL and show ppl that Valhalla Angels are relevant.

Earth becomes an instant Hyperion. Kirsta locks summoning. Valhalla lets you backup an Athena or something in your hand. Sanctuary stops damage. Solemn Punishment+ Warning face down for an overpowered set up.

Yes Hyperion > DAD because of its searchability and its synergy with Valhalla.

Of course ppl will think im a madman cos the angel deck posted in Shrieks doesnt run Valhala / Sanctuary.

Well when my friend first started building his deck yesterday, he did a variant similar to that and it was nowhere near as good as the Valhalla variant that i suggested him to build. Nuff said. I'm in love with the angel deck.

I saw my friend yesterday drop 3 Hyperions in 3 turns thanks to the Valhalla's effect.

That's all for today. Going off tommorrow already. Cya next Tuesday.


LGQ said...

by the time darksoul comes out, its already exceed summon era!!

thats why i said b4 x sabers won't bring tat kind of impact to ocg.

mike said...

hehe by that time sabers can adapt too.

anyways...... tat means.... faultroll wont be limited if everyone ignores the deck :P

and by that time no one will be running book of moon cos it does nothing to excel sumonin!

LGQ said...

its hard to say, cause we don't have the rullings for exceed summons yet.

who know, have 2 level 4(or any number) monster on the field (providing they don't need a tuner or something like that) to special summon this card to the field

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be not working? Does anybody here at intelgamer.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?


Anonymous said...

Excess Summoning works not as you stated!

It works like this:
You have 2 Monsters with the SAME level (ergo: two lvl 3 monsters) and then you excess summon from your (hand/extra deck...until now not sure, but I would say hand) by OVERLAYING the cards. Thus it is a staple where the excess summoned monster is on TOP of it.

Mock-Up Situation:
You have your Lvl 3 Excess Monster and you have two Lvl 3 Monsters on your field (don't know if it needs a new kind of tuner-thingy). You now take your Lvl 3 Excess monster and form a staple with this 3 cards and put the excess summoned monster on top of that. Like a stack.

Greetings from Switzerland =)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are an expert in this field, you really got some great points there, thanks.

- Robson

Anonymous said...

really an eye opener for me.

- Robson

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are an expert in this field, you really got some great points there, thanks.

- Robson

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are an expert in this field, you really got some great points there, thanks.

- Robson

mike said...

at the switz guy- yeahh, at tat time we had no confirmation...

but if u read carefully, i clearly stated that it is just a possiblity only.. and its just my speculation.

if excess summon works as u stated, its not too exciting. but then it will get better and better as we see the type of monsters released =)