Saturday, December 4, 2010

Deck Concept:: Dragunity

Triple Dragon Canyon as base core engine for searching and dumping of Aklys/ Phalanx.

One of the best field spells with a hardcore search engine. Being a field spell allows it to overshadow NecroValley.

2 to 3 Pot of Duality and maybe 1 Terraforming to improve consistency.

Triple Dux Legion etc.

Able to pull off a first turn level 6/ 8 synchro which is all very impressive.

This is done through normal summoning Dux and equipping Phalanx to it, then special summoning Phalanx to synchro a Goyo/ Brionac etc.

Alternatively you could synchro summon Dragunity Knight Vajyuranda and then reequip Phalanx to him to make a level 8 synchro, preferably Stardust Dragon or SCRAP DRAGON.

The latter is gold in here, honestly, because everytime you summon a Dragunity monster, you get to equip one card from the graveyard to it, and basically a plus one.

If you use Scrap Dragon's effect, its almost a free +1 destruction. If you destroyed Aklys (this way Aklys' effect can resolve), then its a +2 because Aklys destroys something else too.


Even without synchro summoning, summoning Dux already makes him a 1900 attack beater.

In the meantime you could apply beatdown with the Dragunity Legion and Aklys combo to slowly gain advantage. This move is similar to your Caius + Ryko in plants. If your opponent wishes to discard Effect Veiler/ Book of Moon or Solemn Warning your Legion, then he has just wasted a very important card on Legion.

Next turn, lower percentile rate of him negating your synchro summoning.

Also, first turn if you have Phalanx or Mistill, you can normal summon Phalanx then send to special summon Mistill, reequip Phalanx, and synchro summon Stardust Dragon.

Play Dragon Canyon and apply effect to dump..

For late game, you can run Pot of Avarice into the build. Like Plants, this deck has many cards it would like to recycle (Ducks, Legion, and Vajyranda). We all know how terrifying awesome Pot of Avarice is. The deck has several Debris Dragon- like effects thanks to Phalanx.

Altrernatively you could use other level 3 monsters like Legion and others to synchro summon a level 5 synchro.

There are just too many possibilities.

Equip your deck with 3x Book of Moon, 2x Solemn Warning 2x MST etc for core maximum protection/ disruption.

For a boss monster, we can choose Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, because it is like a better Faultroll. Insane Monster Reborn abilities.


This just goes to show that the deck is actually really good and CAN be a tier-1 deck if someone wanna actually try it out, and the endless possibilities to Dragunity are available.

It has all the qualities of a Tier-1 deck.

Heck it can be remodified because this deck is one of the deck that has endless possiblilites apart from Plants (but Plant SUCKSmyass cos its so slow and inconsistent), why you could even mod it to include Icarus Attacks.

Unfortunately that person isn't me and i have no money to do so now ciao. Happy deckbuilding folks


LFN said...

Can't wait for the TCG release :D

mike said...

Its pretty good.

IMO something like plants + Blackwings divided by 2.