Friday, October 1, 2010

Dark Sealing Mirror

So, today's topic is Dark Sealing Mirror as a side deck option for Sabers.

Yes I'm more and more posting on Sabers because i'm having a good time playing the deck. Let's not forget that the deck isn't tier 1 in OCG so it needs all the help it can get.

So, in OCG , and even TCG people like to run Gemini Devil or Reign Beaux to counter Sabers when they do their loop. While less and less focus on the loop, i still recommend teching 1x Ragigura just in case you can do the loop and drop your opponent's whole hand.

Or maybe you wanna tribute off a Boggart or Dark Soul for an on-field Gottoms for advantage.

With those 2 cards above destroying your loop or interfering you will lose control.

Side Imprisoning Mirror. Even Gorz dies. DD Crow also or Dirg which wants to destroy your graveyard.

X Sabers don't even run any dark monsters, save Sangan maybe, and it doesnt even affect Scrap Dragon, cos its a earth, which is a very important card in Saber decks. Cos is just screams advantage.

Destroy face down Gottoms Emergency Call, chain it then special summon 2 Sabers from grave and destroy one opponent's cards. Those 2 Sabers could be components for a Hyunlei or 2 Dark Souls which will lead to tribute with Gottoms for advantage.

VS Black Feather decks and Infernity (they aren't dead yet!) too. Good option.

But with 2 Mst and 3 Icarus format should we still run Dark Imprisoning Mirror? Yes, because it will still mess with the momentum of their game and shutting down certain options at various times. Also if they target your Mirror, that means you have 1 more safe combo piece (cos it wasnt destroyed by Icarus) and it could mean that they are forced to destroy their BF just to destroy Mirror so they can pull of a Blizzard/ Sirroco/ Kalut to gain back momentum.

OR we could just run MyBody as a Shield :D which I think is a very good maindeck option for decks that has monsters as a huge role in the deck. So your stuff don't die so fast :D

Bored. Thats all for today!

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