Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Since LGQ mention the concept of sidedecking, most people are mostly aware of only one type of sidedecking which is basically standard sidedecking where you side in specific cards to counter your opponent's deck.

However i will introduce or reinforce 2 new types of sidedecking.

Firstly would be an unpopular but extremely awesome sidedeck tactic called side into a different deck.

So basically you look at your deck and figure out the general strategy and the analyse the cards that your opponent is gonna side against. Then you side them out and take your deck to a different direction.

The good thing about this is that the cards your opponent sidedeck in to kill you is now obsolete and he has 3 to 4 dead cards in his deck.

The bad point of this type is that not many decks can do this and only some can do it effectively such as converting Hero Beat to Hero Gate or Debris Hero.

The second type of sidedecking needs the knowledge of what youyr opponent is gonna side against you. For example if you are running Bf and you know people are gonna spam 2 to 3 holy light just to slow you down, you can side in DD virus or fissure just to counter your opponents sided cards. Basically you side cards to counter what your opponent puts against you.

So its actually an incredibly awesome strategy if you can predict correctly, however adding in new unsynergical cards could cause inconsistency due to wrong choice of sidedecking. I have yet to test this strategy out, but its actually a good thing if you can pull it off because it doesnt interrupt with your strategy neither does it slow you down much. Rather you will be slowing your opponent down.

THATS ALL FOR TODAY. On a side note, WHEEE I FINALLY COMPLETED MY SABER DECK WILL POST IT UP SOON AND DISCUSS CARD CHOICES, its different from the normal OCG decklists duhh its cos i run dark souls and boggarts but anyways !

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