Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gorz- Is it maindeck worthy this format?

So there are cards that come and go, that have their effectiveness this format and ppl call them godly but then next format? people dont even care bout them. A good example is DD Crow.

However there is Gorz who people think, isit maindeck worthy this format?

So, it is slowly becoming a trend that I'm reviewing the effectiveness of Gorz per format.

So, the question boils down.

I'm sleepy so I'll keep this short.

Firstly some scenarios first:

1) 3 BRD + Cold Wave plus summon something and whack. Empty field.
2) X Saber with triple Hyunlei which is 3 Heavy Storm and then destroy your stuff. Empty field.

These two are very popular and possibly the strongest plays able to be made, this format.

So, my question now is, what the hell are you doing without your trusty Gorz this format?

PS PS : So, to people who think Friggs Apple > Gorz, sorry lah, just proven you wrong. Besides let's rehighlight Trap Stun, Cold Wave = Friggs Apple <<<<<>

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