Thursday, October 14, 2010


So for once, i would like to do what Joz and the others gave been doing which is doing a deck review on a deck i just made/ etc bla bla.

If you have kept up with this blog you will know that i just spent rm 350 to rm 400 to finish this deck.

I'm not worried about exposing the mian deck because the deck is undergoing changes all the time and i haven't found a perfect build although the build nos is decent consistent and incredible.

Of course when I go to different places to duel, i will adjust the deck, eg: when i go to KL i will probably maindeck Books and most likely 2 or 3.

So, on to the decklist again although you can see it from the picture already lol.

3x Boggart Knight
3x Faultroll
3x Fullhelm Knight
2x Pashuul
2x Dark Soul
3x Emmersblade
1x Ragigura
1x Ryko Light Sworn Hunter
1x Super Nimble Hamster

1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 My Body as a Shield
1 Cold Wave
1 Giant Trunade
2 Pot of Duality
1 Mind Control

1 Trap Stun
1 Saber Hole
1 Divine Warning
1 Starlight Road
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Solemn Judgment
3 Gottoms Emergency Call
2 Dimension Prison

An inspiration for this deck would probably be Roy St Clair as if you ask me, he is the best Saber duelist in the TCG and the card choices would be following his, well 80% of the time.

The most obvious similarity between St Clairs style and mine is the non-inclusion of X Saber Airbellum. While I think Airbellum isn't that good this format, I also have lack of space for him. He just isn't worth clogging my hand with and if I really wanna go for a level 7, I can just use Fullhem knight.

Also, another similarity is the 3 Gottoms Emergency Call tactic which is probably my favourite trait that St Clair has done, and while many say 3 in your opening hand is killing yourself, I disagree because I never draw 3 in a row and E Call is just too good to pass off because its a fake Rescue Cat or a double Monster Reborn! With proper shuffling and thorough cutting, you can serious avoid 3 Gottoms E Call in hand. Seriously, utilise shuffling!

Gottoms E Call even lets me bring back Gottoms which I think is a big plus. It also helps me set up for many OTKs and many incredible plays to push for advantage.

(EG: Summoning 2 Dark Soul when Gottoms is on the field)

While many can say why are you not running 3 Trap Stun , my only answer is I dont have them yet. LOL. Yeah, sad but true. Will be getting 2 more from Dicky. I will definitely be replacing the MST for Trap Stun and side the 3rd copy, or I may take out My Body as a Shield for it.

Now for personal card choices:
I only run 2 Dark Souls because 3 is too expensive. Simple enough LOL. Besides Raiou in Light Beat which is getting popular is really killing people now. Dark Soul can be brought out with 3 Emmersblade which I think is a good pick because when I tested 2 and 3, I found out my consistency rate increased and I am able to see more of the Sabers I need most of the time more, through Dark Soul of course.

Emmersblade and Hamster makes for good opening plays because nobody maindecks Nobleman YET. The Hamster usually searches Dark Soul as its a priotity, but if I have Soul already, I will search my Ryko because its good to set up the graveuard. While Ryko is good that way, I have doubts about it and I may replace him with Gorz because Ryko could mill away my pro cards too, once upon a time I milled away Dark Hole, Monster Reborn and something. And i milled away Gottoms E Call + Cold Wave + something.

That is EMO. Gorz is good however I have a high trap count so Im wondering if I really need him or not..

There is NO Books surprisingly because my meta doesn't call for it as its not a synchro heavy meta. In fact synchro rate compared to KL/ Singapore etc is like 80% lower since hardly anyone synchros or my friends play synchro as a backup option and not as a winning condidtion like most decks. So, no Book sorry. Of course, going to KL trip is a different story.

I chose 2 Dualities over 2 Gold Sarcos because Dualities give me the card immediately. And it provides me with 3 cards to choose from etc and running either Pot or Sarco entitles you to cut the number of cards in your deck down by the number of Pot/ Sarco ran.

EG: I run 41 in my deck and in there i run 2 Duality, So its like playing only 39 cards which is awesome. I didn't choose to run 3 because that is really overkill lol.

My Body as a Shield cos of trap format meta here and I will definitely be taking it out when I go to KL... Or not...

Saber Hole is good because it serves like a 3rd BTH and I tested it out and liked it. Its a costless Divine Warning and I find that most of the time, I always have a Saber on the field , as the deck has good monster presence.

2 Prison is good to kill annoying Stardust Dragons and its also a good form of removal in a Trap heavy meta and format. Seriously, if people stop your play with Book of Moon it means they are going to procede to kill you next turn and take out your tuner. However, having Prison and a high trap count will help you save your self and your tuner so that you can win next turn.

Seriously who wouldn't be pissed if they worked so hard to synchro summon a monster and it got eaten by Prison?

The 1 copy of Ragigura is simple for the handless loop and its actually useful to pluck a Faultroll, from an emnpty field, I can just summon Boggart and Ragigura and then re-add Faultroll special summon him and special any card from the grave. So its a +2, and a damn good one too :P

With Ryko, its almost god sent sometimes although I count it as a rather unpropductive play because the deck's explosiveness is 10000x of that lame move. Should be OTK-ing already, and rush!

Card choices that I am currently reconsidering is

* 1x Effect Veiler as tech.
* 2x Book of Moon
* 1x Gorz

Trap Stun is a sure play when I get them.

Thats all for today! Thanks for reading.

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