Sunday, October 17, 2010

Benchmarking the strength of a set up.

Just like in real life circumstances, in Yugioh we can compare the strength of something by relating something towards it !

Thats the beauty of YuGiOh. I don't have much times. So, needa keep the post short and sweet.

Most people know the 3 best cards to ruin a good setup / play is:

1) Book of Moon - bitch man
2) Solemn Judgment
3) Solemn Warning.

Because 80% to 90% of decks use monsters or synchro summon ing as a winning condition, these 3 cards are game winners in the sense that they can break your combo.

So , now to benchmark the strength of your setup, we can use these 3 cards. Its simple really. Next time, before you make a rush, you thinK? What would I do if i face these 3 cards. Can i handle it? Will it destroy everything and leave me completely defenseless?

If your setup can tackle Solemn Warning and Judgment but not Book of Moon, then its quite strong already. (eg: combatting the 2 traps above with Royal Palace or Trap Stun)

Or you could take Book of Moon and not die and still make a comeback next turn, which is a very storng set up.

The best setup is no doubt acheived with Cold Wave. Because not even Book of Moon can interfere.

BUT! Now with Effect Veilers running ramnpant as a rm8 rare from the new Yuusei packs, we gotta think this through real deep. How to stop it?

Convert to anti stun? Or to run more cards to stop opponent? (by sidedeckin of course i mean)
To run more traps to protect you? Like Prison, BTH, your own Warnings / Books etc.

How? That will give you readers something to think about.

Or is it really worth it to execute a weaker set up but you run the risks of dying to the 3 cards above and get crippled hard ?

Or what about we change the situation to battle phase.

To benchmark your setup, and chances of victory and control, we use Gorz as a benchmark because this is how useful he is.

We simply think "If i do this, and run into Gorz? Will i die from it next turn? Do I still have protection? Should I attack with my biggest monsters? How now? "

I have seen many people not caring and just ram to atttack and die to Gorz + lovely Kaien next turn + Cold Wave + random monster + tuner to make a synchro.

It is really sad to see the above situation.

On the other hand, I have seen many establish such a strong control that they do not even fear Gorz and next turn they laugh at Gorz like its child's play.

Seriously , i hope this gives you duelists some meaningful insight :) And make you think twice about doing this or that.

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Michael Bonacini said...

great post. working through books and solemns is an art in itself. i typically force my opponent into wasting their protection before i make my big push. but if all i can do is make the big push without cold wave, hold your breath and pray lol