Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gladial Beast Lanista

From Wiki you can find the approximated effect. Too imbal. Please look it up lol.

Summon Lanista --> fuse with GB into Gyzarus--> destroy 2, attack --> tag--> special lanista and other GB again, --> return 1 card on field to opponents hand for lanista effect then tag into gyzarus again destoy 2 cards.

One turn clear 5 cards from field? This is not funny.

You think your Stardust or Scar Red Nova very pro isit? Summon monster, special Test Tiger tag Lanista , return synchro, "EMO hahahahah "quotes Andrew.

Sorry for double postin but last post i talked about a laval monster that could draw 2 cards etc, my bad im sorry that card is actually Juurac Dino.

After Jurrac Dino attacks something , and successfully destroys it, end turn i tribute it and draw 2 cards :) 1700 atk = mini beat stick sort of!~

Next turn! Miracle Fusion it with dead Airman/ Another Neos for E Hero Nova Master. Waa next turn i attack destroy something, i draw 1 card.

E Hero becoming the new Drawin deck ?????

Now i cant wait for X saber Souza effect! Hope it can negate opponent special summon PLS PLS PLS PLS LOL


MIchael Bonacini said...

lanista is wayyyy too good. it will get nerf'd. i hope >_>

im more excited for the e hero fire fusion though :) nothing like a 3400 beatstick

Duelist#LGQ said...

i think the GB only gets to be Bestiari when his normal summon. so, no set, Gyzarus, but none the less, extremely powerful, broken, maybe slightly ...

mike said...

LOL. @ michael- Its crazy. I'm questioning why I decided to spend my cash on Sabers.

Fire guy is so so only but its sure to die to Warning, BTH etc so almost no point imo. However no decent fire monsters to splash and I'm not questioning adding 2 more monsters (jurrac Deino) just for a chance to summon Nova Master. Almost pointless LOL.

@ LGQ- the current wikia text states "as long as it remains on the field", so gyzarus can tag it out. LOL. Book of Moon will stop it but then its still crazy cos it evades Bottomless and baits Divine Warning.

If you waste Warning on Lanista, I can just test tiger and tag out a darius and revive lanista for gyzarus...

Tranalsation : LGQ GB PRICE Shoot hahaha.

MIchael Bonacini said...

anything dies to solemn warning or bottomless traphole lol

Duelist#LGQ said...

from a trusted site (from experience and insurance from Baha), the effect is not slightly the same as the one posted.

Its in chinese thou

Duelist#LGQ said...

BTW, if you think like me, Nova Master ain't about you adding fire monsters into your deck, BUT maining your 3rd Super Poly into your deck.

I mean, is anyone aside BF is safe? Infernity goes Trishu and Scrap. GB has loads of targets. Machiners, X saber, Perfect Declarer, Giga Vis, and all those are OMFG dead the instant you drew Judai's awesome card

mike said...

@ Michael;- then we trap stun earlier hahah :D

@LGQ- realy? wow then good for us then!

U guys found souza effect yet?

hows super fusion testing out? i dont like the idea of a -1 nia but in my area meta almost no use la, we trap heavy meta tat focuses on destroying destroying. u summon ur ehero next moment u noe it get eaten.

also, still safe cos u haven found ur 2x gaias yet :P hehe.

Duelist#LGQ said...

if you run into a situation where Super Poly(SP) is a dead draw, your deck has problems. thats my conclusion, cause the card is never dead for me, even against BF surprisingly. nt as good, maybe, but no use ... nvr.

using Warning against E HERO is very risky, so not many dare to.

its not a -1 most of the time. -2 card from your hand, -1 from your field. -1 from your opponent, +1 monster one your field, blow the shit out of anything left(with ZERO) or just mess up plays (which is basically this card's main purpose).

imagine a deck that needs setting up.

only card(widely play) its really vulnerable against is Gemini Spark.

mike said...

haha @ lgq true true but then i guess our decks are taken in different dircetions XD

messing up wif opponents fields/ cards i got other cards to help me do tat liaw :)

super poly is still a -1 imo la but if it works in ur meta then i hav nothin to say :)

why is warning against hero risky? warning airman or zero is good play :D

Anonymous said...

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