Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Effect Veiler

Short post again. Finals start tomorrow!

In a meta where monster effects reign supreme, isit wise to maindeck 1 to 2 veilers as tech?

We shouldn't look at it as a monster that is a -1 but instead a monster which can save you from your opponent making big pushes.

It can generally be a spell or trap card because of its usage to mess up opponents plays (compare it to Book of Moon) except its more unpredictable as it comes from the hand.

So its somehow like DD Crow or Honest in a way.

Last format, people ran 2 DD Crow as maindeck because of the strength of many graveyard decks around.

So how? With this card, it is somewhat like DD Crow except better and more suitable for this format.

It can stop DAD , JD, a Trap Stun into Hyunlei play and prevent your stuff from getting destroyed. Or stop Brionac which is a key factor to many OTKs and effective field control.

So how? Maindeck worthy as tech or not?

Its your call.


Lauren said...

Definitely maindeck worthy, it is usually the only card that can save you when your opponent plays Cold Wave/Giant Trunade/Trap Stun.

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