Friday, September 24, 2010

Enemy Controller

Is a good tech card this format.

Its one of the best cards to play because it can increase our OTK rate, and can turn cards to defense so you can attack over it.

It turns stuff to defence so you dont die either

It is a swiss army knife because you can use it as a Brain Control sort of effect.

Its chainable too, so somehow it really reminds me of Book of Moon although Book is better.

To deal with syncrhos, you can just attack over it next turn but of course its not a full proof plan.

But it really depends on player choice. I choose to run it over Book cos i just like it better. Its incredible in Sabers cos Fullhelmknight plus Enemy Controller = Shura the Blue Flame/ Flamvell Firedog which is a damn good play in my opinion.

Thats all for today :D

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