Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rescue Cat???

So, people are saying Rescue Cat banned slowed down Sabers.

I'm here to somewhat disagree. . . .

With Cat gone , we don't need to run cards specifically to search it out, (eg: Summon Monk, Gold Sarcophagus etc) , meaning we can have at least 4 more spaces (2 sarco+ Cat+ Monk)

Aside from that, you don't need to run X Saber Airbellum which is like shit when it clogs in your hand. I rather clog with Fullhelmknight then anything else.

Furthermore with more space, we can make the deck more stable with support spells and traps etc. Which also means easier to side deck for the deck.

The deck is already incredible consistent with Sangan, 3 darksoul and 3 Emmersblade. (Some builds run Sangan. I do, because i'm stingy to spend for a 3rd Dark Soul)

And if you are really into Rescue Cat effect to spam 2 monster just like that, there is always Gottoms Emergency Call lah which summons any 2 Sabers wor.

Which is better than Rescue Cat, effect-wise and it doesn't get Effect Veiler-ed.

However you need a face up Saber monster to activate it, and that's why we have Emmersblade and Darksoul to ensure you always have a Saber in hand. Just watch out for Book of Moon.

Emergency Call even summons XX Saber Gottoms ! Which is incredible since splashing 1 random Ragigura into the build can let you bring out the loop. Which is better than Frog Monarch hand control because it just eats away everything just like that.

Although most duelists run 2, like St Clair, i also decided on triple because its that good.

X Sabers bad matchup would probably include Machina because Fortress attacks Fullhelmknight = discard one hand. LOL.

I think despite Bellido's win over St Clair, I still think that St Clair's build is better because its more consistent, explosive and relevant to the current game state. why?

Simple: The concept of spell trap negating in the form of Triple Trap Stun, Cold Wave, the ability to bring out 3 Hyunlei, Giant Trunade and 2 MST.

However, I did not like the idea of Gold Sarcophagus and i would rather main Duality. In bad hand situations, Duality is way better than Sarcophagus. Also in opening hand, play Duality and then set Emmersblade/ Dark Soul = gold.

IMO, another reason why Duality is better is that it can add the card directly to the hand without having to wait for 2 turns. So its not a -1 for you for 2 turns.

Boggart Knight+FullhelmKnight+DarkSoul+ Faultroll + Trap Stun/ Cold Wave = Game. More or less. The situation happens alot more times than you think.

Hyunlei is gonna punish every duelist out there who sets a hell lot. I think with the release of X Sabers into OCG meta, lesser people are gonna set all their cards.

LOL@ KL people setting Mirror Force, Prison and Starlight Road but die to Trap Stun and Hyunlei. End turn search with darksoul.

X Sabers is really crazy. Now.

Tier 1 decks:

Infernity (there are good builds out there, just that ppl give up on them)
X Sabers (with DarkSoul and Boggart)
Quickdraw Plants

Tier 1.5

Dragunity (rebuffed ruling of Aklys)
Six Samurai
Hero Beat
Machine Variants

So moral of story- Even more reason not to run Mirror Force now.


Lazarus Lupin said...

A well reasoned argument on your part. Is there a card banned that you think shouldn't be?

Lazarus Lupin
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