Saturday, September 4, 2010

Card choices this format

After some playtesting, i realized how unreliable Mirror Force is. Think about it, setting on field is nothing as you can get hit by random MST or destroyed by Gyzarus/ Gemini Spark/ Aclys (although not as frequent anymore)/ Laila or eaten by Trishula or Junk destroyer

I much rather play some chainable card like Book of Moon or something.

In fact most of the time, we use it to destroy only one monster etc or it will just get negated by Stardust Dragon or something.

I much rather main Dimension prison then. At least something gets removed from play.

Also, with the lot of trap setting and monster control, I realise that Dark Hole is quite redundant o.o Most of the time, we destroy only one monster and at times if you are lucky (2 monsters). And then there is still Starlight Road and Stardust...

I wonder if BF should just remove that Dark Hole in there as its just nothing more than a Smashing ground/ Fissure to them. Perhaps...maybenot.. Its more safe with Dark Hole around anyways..

So to ppl saying the unbanning of Dark Hole is game changing?? Nahhhhh no wayyy.

Its nowhere as game changin as Starlight Road (awesome this format. Really must staple one piece) or Monster Reborn.


makimaki51o said...

you know... mind crushing starlight road after trap dust shooting is the best combo this format so far... mass drestruction most likely you will run into starlight road... that card pisses me off b.c i run black feathers

Gizer said...

I agree with your comments on Mirror Force. It has been pretty useless in many occasions.

And yes, Starlight Road is going to be big this format. However, we have yet to see exactly how.

mike said...

@ shingen the makimaki! - hi! fancy u readin this blog XD

Even better vs dragunities. discard dragon canyon or something. Im not really worried bout Starlight as my deck has no other cards that can destroy 2 or more aside from Torrential and Dark Hole.

@ Gizer-- yupp. definitely, Now we must all make our decks non-susceptible to starlight road! ur gravekeepers is a very good example of doing so.

Moral of story- mirror force= unreliable this format,so lets -1 mirror force and +1 Trap Dushthoot and +1 Mind crush. voila 41 card deck! :b