Sunday, September 5, 2010

Double Post Time

So, this is the first time I double posted in my how many years of blogging life. Lol.

Just realized from the new YCS that beast synchro isnt dead. Synchro Dog maybe a good replacement. Abit unreliable maybe but still damn explosive. Also, its pretty darn good if you can splash some Fullhelm Knight and Dark Soul to mix with Airbellum. That can ensure you Arcanite etc.

Synchro Dog still plays reliably and it can still kinda control well if it works like BF. In fact if not for Icarus, alot of decks would be better than BF. But a good Synchro Dog can be built if there are players willing to build it and try it.

I would if I had the cash/ interest/ time/ bla bla bla. Just focus on one deck is enough lol.

I repeat, Pot of Duality is gonna be limited/ semi-ed next format. Lol. Look at YCS so many decks spam 3x Duality. Should be a trend for the upcoming format.

Divine Warning is the 3rd copy of Bottomless in almost alot of decks. True story.

Also, here is a list of criteria of a good deck this format:

1) Must be fast enough to beat BF

2) Must not die to simple God Bird Attack and MST or a Divine warning. (In short: Good synergy till that not even that stupid card can ruin you)

3) Can fight Starlight Road. Starlight Road is gonna be awesome this format.

4) Good amount of control / Can fight the decks that splash 3 or 4 set trap cards.


So, good decks this format in OCG include:

1) BF of course
2) GB
3) Lightlord (tier 1.5 ok ok la)
4) Meta beat is doing okay. Chaos Stun maybe?
5) Hero beat/ Light Beat
6) Herald will be pretty okay too.
7) Quickdraw Plant

The Dark Horse is probably Synchro Dog. If people actually ignore netdecking and bother to try to make it of course...There is a Synchro Dog deck in top 8 le..

In TCG of course still got X Sabers. Lol.


Duelist#LGQ said...

i have well, 4 of the decks you mentioned right now.

flamvell syncrp(syncro dog is a stupid name), x-saber(with proxies till next weekend),Hero beat, Herald.

= me having a good chance of topping more locals this format!?

mike said...

@ LGQ- wellllllll no synchro dog is cooler. its animal sycnrho :P

ur xsabers run the full TCg lineup mer?

Yeah should be lahh. but u should focus on one first la n playtest etc to see which one u like best XD BF is still no.1 though somehow.

mike said...

ohhh qwuickdraw plants too. lol.

Haha u should be doin ok!!! Don be like me!!!! Spend more time with the game you love !!!