Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random talk with Baha yesterday

So yesterday is our country's national day, happy national day! and happy birthday to a special girl called Fira :)

And since it was national day i was bored so i went online which isnt very often i can assure you!

So I talked with Baha about card choices for my deck etc which i found useful and stuff.

So, I asked him how he liked this new format , aka the Heavy Storm-less format which is of course the main highlight of the format (not Dark Hole and Monster Reborn they are not as VIP as Heavy Storm ok)

And he told me hated it and it was stupid because everywhere people throw 3 to 5 face downs especially BF and GB decks

(yes its annoying. i mean i have 3 to 5 face downs too! Now we all fight with 3 to 5 face downs. zzzz mirror match)

And after much crap-talking later, i asked what is the top deck in Singapore now. He said its still BF but of course as everyone knows, Dandywarrior is a top pick of duelists now, and his deck of choice is still Quickdraw Plants.

So, why is BF still good?

Cos of their versatility to run traps and make it an anti meta toolboixsh variant that can go this way, or otherwise, a speed synchro control deck.

And the monsters are versatile too so yeah.

So, with the abundant traps how?

Let's sidedeck: 2x Seven Tools of the Bandit!

Yes Baha picked it over Trap Stun and I quite understand why too because its a counter trap and being counter trap, it has so much more targets!

Such as, Solemn Judgment, Dark Bribe, Divine Wrath and the new Divine Warning.

and it can counter Royal Decree too while Trap Stun cannot.

But my sidedeck would run 1x Trap Stun and 1x Seven Tools.

why? Playstyle preference i suppose :)

Somemore BF decks now are unfriendly and running 2x Divine warning.... Hardcore la!

Whee found new players in Kuching time to meet them on Saturday!! and another gathering soon on 16th at hotel. Nice!

Next, Im sorry Ken, end of year school trip is to KK and not to Penang :( They voted KK over Penang as ppl said Penang got nothing but good food. ZZZ i wan Yugioh :(

And Kota Kinabalu players reading this blog, please pop up and show yourself and gimme ur contact number so can meet up and duel there! Thank you :) Also, err does KK even have Yugioh activites happening? o.o

Also why isnt Substitoad called Light and Darkness Frog ? lol


Duelist#LGQ said...

i was born in Kota Kinabalu, does that count?

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