Monday, August 9, 2010

Nostalgia, Card Discussion: Magician of Faith, and Brain Control

Nostalgia: Of course, as the ban list is drawing near, there are many of us who are hoping that certain cards are unrestricted (eg: baha's MOBC, Blackie's Magician of Faith, Me: alot alot)

So, let's think what happens if certain cards are re-released.

(I won't talk about cards like Chaos Emperor Dragon, Yata Karasu , Dark Hole , Raigeki, etc)

Then again let's think if Metamorphosis and Thousand Eyes Sacrifice is able to come back into the meta. I will definitely be splashing random level 1's and Metamorphosis into the build just to get it out.

This will turn a little crazy as Cat Synchro and Dandywarrior as well as Synchron decks will have fun playing with their 1000 eys Sacrifice.

And other monsters. my level 8 Shining or Zero can turn into Cyber Twin dragon. Whee. How fun.

Thousand Eyes Sacrifice is a permanent Swords of Revealing Light who is an automatically -1. Too broken. But oh well, it can be destroyed easily with lots of removal nowadays. But still the effect is slightly broken.

Imperial Order is like a Trap Stun which you can control for a mere 800 (or was it 700 ?) lp , i forgot. Just chain it to your opponent's spell and it is an auto -1. Too broken. It stops too many combos and important moves. Instant staple.

Confiscation + The Forceful Sentry- doubt they will come back. Trap Dussthoot is already instant win. What more Confiscation? open with Confiscation + Aoi + Thestaros + random frog + Dustshoot + Mind Crush = Win. However, I will definitely love Confiscation to come back =(

Cyber Jar is one of my favorite monsters ever. Instant Dark Hole plus draw 5 cards and special summon the monsters in any mode you want??? It is just called to be banned. Possibly one of the best cards ever printed in the history of the game.

Crush Card Virus- is crazy, but imo, it is quite likely to come back. People totally complaining about Frog Monarch. But, will Konami make the move? Let's see.

Monster Reborn- Ahhh good times...Luck sack.... Opponent field control with Stardust and Goyou/ Brionac/ anything. Topdeck Shisha Shosei and Brain Control... Nuts man...

Graceful Charity- Never coming back. But how I wish =(

Ring of Destruction- NO WAY. Evil. I hate it.

Cyber Stein- Baha's right. Rescue cat > Cyber Stein. Paying 5000 life points is a hell of a big deal. Of course special summoning cards like Cyber Twin Dragon and Cyber End Dragon is cool. But do you think it could be a viable deck in the next format still, with Dimension Prison, God Bird Attack and all those cards running around? Of course, we can do Cold Wave + Stein but if i were you I would rather get hit by Cyber Twin/ Cyber End than getting whacked by Arcanite and Airbellum.

Now, for some card discussion,
Lots of duelists are speculating the return of this girl, and like them, I'm also rooting for her to return. C'mon Konami, it'll be fun.

But honestly, I doubt it will. Because this card is awesome. It is any spell that you have used from the graveyard. Nobody really cares bout its light attribute as Chaos Control decks isn't very viable now.

Now allow me to illustrate to you why it SHOULDN'T come back:

a) re using Heavy Storm. Scary stuff, true story.

b) re using Pot of Duality. See THREE more cards from the deck giving you a much better chance of cardd choices to get ahead of your opponent. Some decks don't even care if they do not special summon for that turn. If you want to special summon, Pot of Duality can wait. Simple as that, basic knowledge.

c) re using Brain Control- no need to explain. Its probably the most luck sack card in the game right now, apart from Torrential Tribute.

As I mentioned above, it is that luck sack. However I think it deserves to be banned because of the possibilities you can do with this card. It can nett you any one monster on your opponent field letting you :

1) get to utilise the monster's effect

2) destroy another monster

3) Synchro summon/ Tribute Summon
4) Clear the field for OTK

5) Perform a 2 for 1 if you ram the stolen monster into another monster with the same attack

6) Avoid certain effects of pesky monsters (Absolute Zero and Stardust Dragon)

A while ago, I decided to replace this card with Change of Heart and I found out that Change of Heart = brain control.

It does exactly the same thing except for the 800 lp cost.
Also, Brain washing a face down is usually nothing as you just want it for a tribute or synchro or to clear the field so to ensure you game.

Which all falls into the same category as above. Also, if he sets a monster, he is either pushed into a corner or using it as a defence to pull off an effect.

So, Brain Control is almost like Change of Heart minus some certain pros, and is used very very often the same way as Change of Heart is used for it.

It is incredibly lucksack and don't you just hate it when your opponent topdecks Brain Control and says okay i got good game. I would feel WTF that's not skill that's just pure luck fuck i lost to that c*bai @#$%^ and all the bad words come flying out.
Might as well just unban Change of Heart to switch for Brain Control. Or Pot of Greed as you topdeck it you get 2 cards but not necessarily a "Brain Control" =.= It is much more fun that way anyways.. Diao..

Oh well, I'm still hoping Brain Control stays in the game...but ahh well.. doubt it..

One way Konami can actually decide for the banlist is hire experienced players and ask them to test deck a ceratin banned card to see the impact it will bring to the next meta. Then they could ask the players to remove certain card (s) or reduce its number so that we can see the impact that restriction will bring on the game.

Somehow I can see Call of the Haunted being returned to 2 per deck since nobody wants to use it anyways. Same with Marshmallon as nobody plays him.

I don't agree with Bottomless to three though as it is really really annoying. Of course , that said, I can spam 3 too, so yeah equally annoying for opponent.

Thanks for reading anyways.


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