Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Declarer again.

So is using Fusion Gate's effect to fusion summon considered as using its effect?

Or does Fusion Gate just sit there and its effect is like allowing you to fusion summon without Poly.

Cause the way its phrased makes it sound that way.

If the effect doesn't trigger so easy to kill Declarer. Summon some fusion like Shining and whack it to death.

So since Declarer never dies, the only way to beat a Angel Ceremony deck is to play aggressively and spam the field with synchro summons as fast as possible. Make sure their attacks exceed 2800.

That way Declarer can't bitch at you ^^

That's all for today i guess. Chem paper tomorrow. Rumors are its so terrible it can make you skip lunch.


Duelist#LGQ said...

Declarer? I say: Absolute Powerforce!!

He just dies...

Bahamut84 said...

Or just use super fusion.

Exiro said...

Declarer, just like all those other negation cards, can only negate the activation of s/ts and only the effects of monsters. The effect of a s/t is neither of those, so you're safe.

Also, asking my question here too: Can Declarer activate during the damage step?

mike said...

@ ah quan- u are juudai or jack now ha???

@Baha- thank you.

@ exiro- thank you!! so i can finally have an easy out to declarer ^^

Err i replied in the last post's comments- it can activate in damage step and damage calculation, accordig to wikia. so no honest or recruiter abuse lol.