Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Super Fusion

It took 4 souls, including one of a pretty girl, for Bronn, Mad King of Dark Realm to create Super Fusion.

Let's see how good Super Fusion is in today's meta.

Generally, once before, people thought its a crappy card especially with the one card discard cost. Now, who cares?

Let's analyse the card.

Point one: Its a spell speed FOUR. Yes, we have never heard of a spell speed 4, and there is no card, ever heard that can fuck up Super Fusion. I'm not sure if Royal Oppression can negate it, but then Royal Oppression f*cks up EVERYTHING, and that's why we hate it!

Point 2: It sends ANY monster on field, but I'm not sure if any of you have noticed this, but it can be used to fusion summon 2 monsters on your opponent's field together. Wow, eh? If your opponent runs a Hero deck and has just pulled of Starlight Road, its basically, special summon Great Tornado from your extra deck.

So while people has been thinking this card is godly in Heroes, but it is even more godly against Heroes. Its also a +1 in terms of card advantage. Opponent can't chain Gemini Spark to their Alias because its spell speed 4

Its not hard to use seriously, and it makes Wave Dragon Knight Draqo-equite look good. Because its incredibly easy to find a dragon type synchro monster. Black Rose, Stardust, TRISHIULA, etc. And warrior monster? They are everywhere la.

LOL if you vs Psychic deck and special summon Ultimate Psychicker on your opponent's field.

It can change total control for your opponent to zero control for him. Let's not forget how easy Stardust Dragon is coming out, with people maining 1 Starlight Road in their decks.

Versus machines, its even funnier if you fuse your opponent Cyber Dragon and Machina Fortress to make Chimeratech Overdragon. Super Fusion DOESN'T target.

For Heroes, you will practically win against Lightlord as you just have to chain it when they make an important big play like Judgment Dragon and Celestia, Lightlord Angel.

It can pull off more advantage when your opponent destroys a Hero on your field and you chain it.

Even versus Infernity, its incredibly easy to summon Absolute Zero as they will just spam Trishula. So? When they target your field card, and the in-hand card, pitch that very card, and play Super Fusion for a free Absolute Zero. Even if they choose Mist Wurm, so? Free Great Tornado.

But overall, Absolute Zero is 1000x better choice. Which brings us to the next topic:
The Awesomeness of Absolute Zero versus Infernity

Let's think about it la. If your using Heroes, if you match up against Infernity the ONLY thing you want to fuse out if Absolute Zero.

Once they set up their combo, they are handless. And no matter what they do, as long as they choose to summon 3 Trishula, they will lose all their monsters one way or another, despite they do not target Zero for Madam Trishula's effect, because next turn you can just ram Zero into something and destroy the whole field. Do not forget they are handless, making them 100% vulnerable.

Against other decks, I still think Zero is amazing. Just try to picture you versus Absolute Zero, and see how you feel.

But still, the best thing to kill Infernity is Crevice to the Different Dimension or Royal Oppression. Dust Tornado/ Gemini Spark to destroy Gun is good too.

Or most epic: MASK OF RESTRICT. HAHAHA. Neuters Gun, and Mirage.


Duelist#LGQ said...

This guy is still a SS 2 (can be chained by SS 2 or above cards). And the only advantage you get if you super poly JD is when you have cards removed. Or else ... just book of moon it ...

mike said...

What do you mean it can be chained by spell speed 2+ cards ? Such as? Example?

haha yah. Book of Moon this format is overrated though.

When JD is out, its likely mid game or late game and yeah, i reckon you have a card removed. Anyways, its still a big plus for you both ways, and best, its EPIC!

Duelist#LGQ said...

well, cyclone ? (bad example thou).

if its spell speed 4 (which doens't really exist) only other speed 4 cards can be chain towards it. thats not the case here, as any quickplay and trap can be chain towards Super Poly, its just that it can't be negated.

Duelist#LGQ said...

basically, you can't activate, not meaning you its on its own speed. although, my last post is sorta wrong.

Duelist#LGQ said...

sorry, used the wrong term. its not that it can be chain, but there are still card that has ability to effect it...

okay ... thats really hard to understand...

I'll try this some other time...

mike said...

LOL okay explain to me in real life next time then :) lemme err make it simpler for you.

Scenario one
It cant be negated but opponent can chain cards to its activation.

Scenario two
It can be negated, but cards cant be activated prior to its activation.

Which is the case, scenario 1 or 2? Or none??

Exiro said...

1. Oppression should be able to negate it if it was already active because you can still use card effects in response to Super Fusion.

2. Fortress only messes up hands when it's targeted by a monster so it was pretty needless to state there that Super Fusion doesn't target.

3. Since when does Trishula target?

4. If you chain Super Fusion to the first Trishula, they'll just remove the Absolute Zero and summon 2 Trishula's and a Mist Worm after that during the same turn. They can. You still die.

Anonymous said...

[Spells, Traps, and Effect Monsters' effects cannot be activated in response to this card's activation.]

Normally, we expect to see "Spell and Trap Cards," but that is not the case here. This text probably means "Spell...effects and Trap...effects."

For further evidence, here is an old TCG ruling:

["Super Polymerization" prevents effects from being chained, but Continuous Effects are still applied.]

Most likely, Super Polymerization prevents the chaining of any effect, including that of an already face-up Royal Oppression ("Continuous Effects are still applied" refers to things like "Non-fusion Area," since "applied" refers to effects without a Spell Speed). In that sense, SP is a "SS4" card. You can't even use a Counter Trap against it simply because the continuous effect/condition-whatever it is-prevents it, just as Uria's effect cannot be negated by Divine Wrath.

mike said...

WOW EIGHT comments. I never thought I would have 8 comments for a single post. coool.

First of all, to Goof, Thanks! It still confuses me here and there but thanks.

Then to Exiro- From what Goof said, I don't think Oppression can negate Super Fusion. BUT. When the monster is fusion summoned, Oppression can always negate that lol.

Also, err sorry I didn't imply that Trishula targets because it targets the in hand card or the on0field card. I think I meant selected. Err you know what I mean. The card chosen by Trishula's owner... Couldn't think of a btter wotrd that time.

As for the others, ya its redundant, thanks for pointin that out :)