Monday, January 4, 2010

Start of school =(

Today school starts. and I really got nothing to post about Yu-Gi-Oh, seriously lah, there is no new cards, no new decks, no ideas spawning, and nothing interesting. Last few sets before syncrhos, there is still interesting stuff to blog about.

Now that synchro come out, i feel so sien and no mood to look at the new cards as most don't interest me. They have bad art, bad names, and lose the old classic Yu-Gi-Oh touch as the original Yugi-Pharaoh-Kaiba-Jonouchi series. =( So unless you are posting on technicalities of the game (like Rauzes does in his cheating and prevention post), there is almost nothing to post about! I'm really quite excited to see the new SJ Los Angeles. I loved what did and I hope the official YuGiOh TCG blog can keep up the good work. Its really interesting to see what plays out in the TCG. Its often considered that its the faster side of YuGiOh compared to the OCG which is slower and more control-based.

Finally, I'm in form 4 (having my sweet 16 this year) and I'm in quite a boring class. But props is that I'm sitting next to the hottest and cutest girl in my year, starting TOMORROW. And if all goes well, maybe we two go change class to more interesting one =) I'm in a positive mood as girls= ace exams=inspiration to studyy

Poor Andrew got my opposite luck. Andrew, i feel sorry for you =P who ask you pick such a lousy college..

Since I start learning on AdMaths (this bull shit), Chem, Bio, Physics, etc this year, its not so easy as last year where I have nothing to study. So forgive me if I dont post much uh.

And if you aren't reading Neuxharge's blog and didn't stumble upon this link, then you better visit it. Its Heroes at Tier 1. Its amazing.


RouRaito eRu said...

you wont feel addmath is that hard when youre near d spm trust me lol

A Perplexed Duelist said...

Two things.

1. It's ok if you don't post because of schoolwork. People need to take a break on routines anyways.

2. Picture of hot girl please. Curiosity kills a cat.

mike said...

@rouraito eru: oh okay. Its okay so far for me =)

@Perplexed duelist: LOL hiao! JKJK its natural guys instinct. Umm i'm probably the only person in the world without FaceBook so no pictures sorry =( Have more important things to do besides getting addicted to FB! Now she become prefect wear tie so cute ^^

Duelist#LGQ said...

no facebook have nothing to do wif no picture la. Just freakin go steal a camera or you go look in your attic la.

but dun give another reason to kill you la!! (remember the 1st?)

mike said...

Don't tell me is that Red eyezs thing~~ LOL should have asked ThoNaiKen to give you first lah =P

If not, i dunno what u mean....

haha, since when LGQ interested in girls!!