Thursday, August 6, 2009

Banlist Prediction (for September 1st)

Oh dear, I know it has forever since I last updated. I've been busy, and there's been nothing much to update about either. Anyway, to keep up with the tradition, of making Banlists predictions since last year, I shall make mine now.

Note: the real one will probably be coming out anytime this month in the V-Jump magazine. I'm sure Konami has nothing much to change. The game's been pretty balanced out (except for a few things that gotta go :P

First thing's first:

Nothing. There's nothing worth banning In my opinion for the next format as nothing is overpowered or such. Dark Armed Dragon isn't worth banning because it's not awesome and overpowered now with it at one. Heck, it won't even be seen once in your whole match.

Restricted to 1

In the list, number one to head in is:

Judgment dragon
-Broken effect, and one of the best effect monsters in the game. With Charge coming out in OCG, this card gets worse and worse. Soon we might even see a LS-dominated format like TCG.

Rescue Cat
-Heart and core of Gladial Cat and Synchro cat decks. At 2, it's still good. At 1, too easy to take down. Now with Cat limited, I dont think Summon Priest needs to be limited right?

Dark Strike Fighter
-It sucks bad being hit by 2 DSF for game. Too broken.

BlackWing- Gale the Hurricane
-searchable by Black whirlwind, fast, special summon, decent attack, built-in shrink effect, Icarus attack bait, tuner status. Why not?

Cold Wave
-Annoys just about everybody except the Synchro Cat player. =_= After that, people flip spy, play priest/cat into airbellums, into arcanite magician, boom boom, and attack to discard and then sync into DSF shoot shhot game.

Black Whirlwind
-The main reason BWs are taking the meta by storm. Crazy search effect. Best searching spell ever. Summon a card and nett yourself another BF to put on the field, 2 for one summon =_= Restricting to 2 isnt gonna do much.

Restricted to 2:

- Doesnt see play so back at 2.

X-saber Airbellum
- At least give Synchro Cat two tuner targets =) decent effect, decent stats, decent type.

Lonefire Blossom
- Debris Hime, fuel for Pot, instant Tytannial princess.

Reinforcement of the army
- Playing one is as good as playing none.

Mind Control
- Minus one for opponent. +1 for you to syncrho, burn, direct attack, e.t.c

Mystical Space Typhoon
- I don't think people wanna spend their deck space to run an extra card that destroys a spell/trap. Its still good but its not even a staple in any deck.

Taken off Restriction list:

Destiny Draw, Green baboon, dol dora (twin headed behemoth), Victory Dragon (I was just thinking why is this card banned???? :O, Megamorph, Magical stone excavation. Nobody plays these cards anymore.


On a side note, Yugioh blogs are really becoming a trend huh. There are so many new blogs for OCG and TCG. Even experienced TCG players like JaeKim and Claudio Kirchmair and even Audrey Tan ( Dale Bellido's girlfriend) have blogs now. Log on over to the blog roll at the right to view them =)



[HD]Lam said...

Dark dive is going straight to hell... Even one is quite broken

Rauzes said...

Victory Dragon needs to be banned. Go read it one more time.