Monday, August 10, 2009

Worlds- Congrats to Ben!

Beforehand, an extended congratulations to Ben for getting World Champion! Benjamin Hong made Singapore and Asia proud by winning World Championships. He did so by using a Blackwing deck. the metagame at worlds consisted of purely Synchro Cat, Gladiator Beasts, Blackwings and one Lightsworn deck

Basically this is the number breakdown in descending order:

Synchro cat- 10
Gladiator Beasts- 8
Blackwings- 4
Lightsworn- 1

All in all, Worlds was awesome as The Top8 consisted of pure Gladiator Beasts and Blackwing decks! The finals was an all-Asian one and it all came down to GB v.s BWs, and the victor: BlackWings! Thank God the new restriction list is coming out or we will all be raped by birds and cats!

I would also like to congratulate Sam Kee Kian Sim who has done Malaysia proud by getting her into the top8 (even though he is Singaporean now) - ah! but wait! He is actually Malaysian who has moved there to study(if i'm not mistaken, thats what he told me when I asked about him when we went to find Alex at the LRT station).

I'm proud to say I got to know him at the end of last year when he went there to participate in a Christmas tourney (look at december 2008, there was a post about it) and he is memorable because he couldn't speak much English and we still managed to get along.

His album was also memorable because it consisted of threes of every possible meta card, expensive promos and that there were a couple of pages that consisted of ghost rares of Stardust, Black Rose, Honest, e.t.c (apart from Alex's of course =P which is the most crazy- he has more than 25 Stardust and other cards) Alex I still got the photo in my phone so no denying and saying its Sam's :P

Sam made it so far with a BlackWing deck. His other accomplishments are:
1) winning the Asia Qualifiers
2) topping numerous Malaysian events- such as representing Malaysia for Asia Qualifiers, Nationals, and other smaller ones.

To end the post, I read The Perplexed Duelist and got to see the prize for the top 8 duelists:
a binder, deck box, Worlds Mat, lots of sleeves, a small card case, and NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASED boxes of the TCG version of Ancient Prophecy, Stardust Overdrive and the Warriors' Strike StructureDeck.

On a side note: I think mostly kids won the Top8. Perhaps only Roy St Clair, the New Zealand guy and the Austrian guys looked like adults. Look at the picture: all are Asian kids like me. Also, most awesome hair award goes to: Man Man Lai Au! Runner up goes to Lee Hong Kyu.

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