Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exams ending this Friday....!

I cant wait! I'm thrilled that there is alot going on in the dueling world. But, I do wish there will be more cards in StarDust Overdrive to create a new Meta and introduce new competitive Tier 1 decks to the game again.

As for now, I was browsing through the net a while ago and arrived on someone's blog. Sorry forgot the url/link but it had "audio" in it I think. I forgot how i got there as there was too much to do at that time. But I saw something interesting.

Introduce the new concept of Garden Cat:

Black Garden basically gives either player tokens of 800 atk for each monster summoned normally or specially that aren't plant types. Its interesting because u can destroy all plants on the field (meaning only the rose tokens- UNLESS ur opponent is playing plants then you benefit so much!) then Special summon ANY MONSTER from ur graveyard equal to the total attack of plants. Since the tokens are of 800 atk, the monster u choose to summon back must have attack in multiples of 800

meaning :

1) 800*1
2) 1600 (800*2)
3) 2400 (800*3)
and so on...

Immediately a few monsters come to mind:
1) Summoner monk- 800 atk
2) X-saber Airbellum-1600 attack
3) Black Rose Dragon- 2400 atk
and many more which i cant think of now...

An easy combo would be:

1) Play garden and summon Armagedon knight --> dump monk to grave.
2) Token appears on opponent field.
3) Destroy Garden and token and bring back Monk. Free Monster reborn!

If you summon manage to get two tokens out, you can destroy them and call Airbellum in grave. Basically, Garden wants to be used straightaway. So depending on the card you want to choose (most of the time is Monk and Airbellum), you gotta act fast. Its no biggie getting 2 monsters out ( a normal summon and Spy perhaps?) , then put 2 rose tokens, destroy them and garden and bring out Airbelum from grave! Dont forget the monsters special summoned by garden is halved, so unless ur planning to use them as defence or for synchro bait, do watch out.

Its extremely versatile. Truth to be told, I dont know. I just saw it and thought you guys could be exposed to it. Is it good? I dont know! I dont have an AKB deck and I dont plan on making one either. Im too lazy and busy to proxy and testdeck with myself, so I was hoping you guys give it a try yourselves.

BTW, rauzes, I solved your second Duel Challenge. After exams I shall try your first since I shall have all the time in the world after my exams. Brain Research Exploitation Lab with 10 counters to inflict 10000 damage is just too gay and impossible! =D You guys can try it out yourselves too. Go to my blog roll (links) click over to gaijinduelist and take a look. Dont go to comments and cheat as I put my solution there =P
While at that, Hanrui has recently posted a new magical Explosion FTK deck! Too cool. It runs 3 De-synchros to abuse the coming back of Tuning Supporter and abusing it. Click over to (HR's blog)...Soon, I shall try making my own version of magical explosion FTK too but I'll do it old style with the Plaquespreaders, and my Burial from Different Dimension

Till next time, ciao

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Rauzes said...

1: That puzzle was supposed to be easy. It took me 5 seconds WITHOUT the Chaos Sorcerer. If you COULDNT get it you are stupid.
2: Your late to the garden cat party. In case you havent realized, thats how you solve the first duel puzzle. thats how it got out.