Sunday, October 5, 2008

Simplying the game

Okay before i start the post here are the pics for that dark synchro card. And the second pic is the proof that its coming out. According to its is an ultra rare and its coming out in Crismon crisis. Thanks to Sunny for the pics! ^^

Most decks nowadays are focused onto speed speed and more speed. But what is speed with out control? You could run 3 ddraws 3 allures n 3 or any speed card in your deck just to draw it out but with no control? What use is that?

If you look at the top decks GB, Lightlords, metabeat(nt really top but owns fast but too expensive so =/) and the new DAD teleport they are all about control. While in the TCG ppl are still playing 3 d-draws i can see that the OCG is changing. The recent MH cup played on Duel Online i think top 3 decks were (in order) Light undead, Tele DAD with undead and Gladiator beast teching 3anti-spell fragrance!

I think now we can see that the spell fragrances make a great GREAT tech as it so kills Tele DAD which needs spells to function fast. ith 3 dd crows, 3 spell frgrances and 3 compulsory evacuation devices the GB deck just slowed down the Tele-DAD duelist by a Hell lot!!! As much as i hate to say it, it looks like GB is innovating n MIGHT just be on par with teleport-DAD now.

I dono why ppl plays Light in undead anyways it seems so inconsistent of course they teched 3 raious and 3 honest in there but....Sigh...I dont see the c0nnection. I mean Raiou kills the zombie player's own goblins. And well....=.= swt la probably just pure luck that he won

Anyway on to the topic, simplifying the game. This is a term that we always see in Some of u know what it means some of u dont know what it means. K here is the explanation. U basically control the game taking out every single option of your opponent. Let me give you a situation:

(This situation was never played, Maybe it was i dont know but it just came out of my mind)

Kyle set a card. His opponent James chained [thunder break] n discarded destiny hero diabolicguy as a cost n destroyed that freshly set monster. Kyle ended. James drew a card activated urgent teleport n special summoned his clevonse and another malicious to the field and synced into stardust dragon! Kyle fingered his set torrential tribute which has just been rendered useless. James re-summoned another malicious from his deck and sumoned zombie carrier and synchro again into Red demon dragon! Then he summoned Dark arm dragon with exactly 3 darks in grave! He set 2 cards to his spell/trap zone and attacked. Then he ended. Back to Kyle. Kyle played his own dark arm dragon and his opponent James flipped solemn judgment! Kyle summoned Judgment dragoon (ok im crazy but assume that the game is like this liau bla bla ) . Kyle attacked stardust hoping to be able to recontrol the game. His opponent chained phoenix wing wind blast and chained it to return JD to topdeck. If kyle would choose 2 play monster priority he would just lose out anyway because there is stardust. Also he will just lose 1000 lp. Kyle looked through his cards and scooped =(

There u have it! Look how every single move by Kyle was controlled and defeated by James. If you can simply tune your deck togive you situations and hand like this then you will surely be able to win without doubt. Of course meta beat is different matter but sometimes it is possible 2 secure a win, SOMETIMES ar dont take 4 granted that i said victory is possible
Now like i mentioned before in the past few posts is speed really better than control? Lets look at just this statement: control can prevent speed. This alone is enough reason to tune your decks to control. In fact any decks can play control: the top4, even sub theme decks like dragons, psychic n magicians. lol
I think we come to a conclusion here that control is more important than speed. I have cut the d-draws from my deck and reduced the allure number to two. Michael Santoso(baha) is doint it too he removed draws from his deck and added raio and more stuff tech to his DAd tele deck.
Japan is doing it. Look at the MH cup decklists (if u dont know how to look at them just copy n go to google translator n paste it there Easy=) even the second deck that was tele-DAd ran zombies and cut down allure of darkness to two. The top deck dint run a single card and well Gb is...urmm nvm
While speed alone is important if we can simplify the game i think we can make a sacrifice here. Of course dont FORSAKE speed. Still run 2 to 3 allures, dark grepher, reinformcents, urgent teleport n stratos. Its that easy. U still have speed there. Today's post trys to tell u that speed n simplifying the game is equally important. Having both in the deck is best.

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