Friday, October 3, 2008

Numbers and synchros

Numbers seem to be one of the most important things in the card game. Its involved in life point count, time count n most importantly : Synchros.

If i just write on the main content i think the post will be too short. So im gonna talk abt numbers for just a few paragraphs. In yugioh, the most important thing is to nvr act recklessly. In any circumstances you must never play simply unless you r very sure that u have lost the game and in that situation there is no use to simply play anymore anyway just scoop.

This small advice is given to the people who play the game COMPETITIVELY. If you dont read up on articles on websites, blogs or play at least once a week or touch yr cards at least thrice a week there is no need to read this. If you do play competitively remember to always carry along a notebook and a pen. WHY? Because of advantage. Here i hope to be able to deliver my info clearly. Its always important to run numbers so you can find out the most advantage. Sometimes a play may seem more big and better somehow but maybe another combo or move that you can make might give you mjore advanatge. In this crazy explosive game its no more a consevative or aggresive playstyle. you must decide your playstyle on your own or based on the deck youn play. Eg: GB doesnt exactly play aggro neither conservative but somewhere in between. The DAT (Dark Arm Teleport) deck however plays all out in first few turns to take control of game)

Never ever do not run numbers especially in a tournament. Its also important to do it in casual play n playtesting times so you can be more familiar with ur deck n get to noe the game better. Its also important to do it in playtesting times so you can cultivate a good habit n remember to do it tourneys. Dont be lazy, Its only a pen and some paper

Next topic: OCG synchros
You may wonder what happens to the [d-hero malicious]s when they are used in the synchro summon with either [clevonse] or [zombie carrier]. I dont mean what happen i mean which synchros they turn to. In the TCG they turn into either [stardust dragon] or the malignant [thought ruler archfiend/mental sphere demon]. But in OCG it is different

While Stardust is great on its own it doesnt possess the attack power that is important in this game. 2500 means even a simple [goyou guardian] can take it down (and yes this is damn damn damn frustrating!!!! seriously) Sometimes i even run another [goyou guardian] just to attack my stardust and change possesion. Its useless to attack into the other Goryo as when the 2 destroy each other (its basically counted as destroying a monster by battle) they just special summon themselves onto each opponent's field n that is stupid =.=

Enter: Red dragon Archfiend
He's probably one of the best synchros in the game now and most worthwhile to spend your [dhero malicious]es on. Why? He is just versatile and while the game intends to generate advantage to the fullest this card can do it just fine! While he attacks a defense postion monster on your opponent field, he destroys any other defense position monster on the opponent field. Yes he might be an "unstable advantage" as you can never be sure of opponent field but thats the advantage. It will make ur opponent stop n think twice abt setting a monster on the field. Also while other monsters take out onli one other monster in battle this card's minimum detsruction target is 1. His high attack is sure to take out anything short of a BIG BIG [tragoedia] or a [FGD] which no one plays anymore. You destroy any other monsters in defense so ya he kills more than one (if there r any which there r bound 2 be)
Dark End dragon is GAYY. While i spoke off a card that can generate you advantage i think i found a card that can do crazy stuff. While most cards give you an advantage of a (+1) or at the most a (+2) this card gives you a (+4) so long he stays alive. Sharing the same mechanic as [Light n darkness dragon] this card decreases its attack n defense by 500 to destroy a monster on the field. With 2100 attack the most it can do is 4 monsters destroyed {2100-(500*4)}
Now thats a crazy card not even [allure of darkness] does that (in fact it gives u no advantage in terms of card presence since allure+dark monster=2. N the number of cards u get r 2 anyway. So no card presence advantage. However, it gives you 2 new options n the chance to cut the number of cards in the deck so yaa its good. Anyway back to the topic this card is just crazy n i think if u can backup with [mirror force] or [necro gardnar] you can practically control! Here's a combo abusing it with the new [arms aid] from the Yusuei pack:
1) summon DED and arms aid (i dono lets just assume they r out liau)
2) equip arms aid to DED and gain 1000 atk points. Use the 1000 gained to destroy 2 cards
3) unequip n then reequip each turn for a (-2) from yr opponent each turn! Wicked!
Anyway in Japan ppl r crazyily summoning [AOJ catastor] as this guy just kills any non-dark deck. So bye bye Lightlords and so long GB !(damn test tiger larh), His advantage is just awesome and actually lvl 5 isnt hard to get at all. You can use [necro gardnar] as your lvl 3 to pair with carrier or teleport. You can use [psychic commando] as your lvl 3 tuner n another lvl2 card(i dono wad) Its actually easy to get out Haha.
Anyway the real conclusion is that Level 6 summonings arent that popular anymore. while Goyou guardian remains gold, since the banning of [premature burial], i dont think ppl are so focused to summoning their [briunac dragon of ice boundary]s anymore. Stardust and Thought Ruler are not so consistent in the OCG. A stardust and a red demon on the first turn or stardust and dark end might just be the delinquent duo for the tele-DAD decks. Use your [d-hero malicious]es wisely!!!!
Side topic #1: im still not liking Gb any less than the last time so :
Go to hell Gyzarus!!! =P. I added a "Say No to GB" pictures at the side of the blog. Do support =)

Side topic #2: [Necroface] is quite good tech in the DAD teleport decks. Good tech =) Jason Grabher Meyer was right =) Just remember to side it out in your mirror matches! =D
Side topic #3: Synchro mechanic might change again. If u hav been keeping up with the YGO 5ds anime u will know of [freezing fritzgerald] a new synchro monster (dark synchro actually) that is used by the mysterious man with the spider birthmark ( following the Nazca lines spider).
Fritzgerald is a "dark synchro" and can only be summoned by using a "dark tuner". Nothing different? Let me enlighten u guys =)
A dark synchro monster can only be summoned by subtracting a DARK TUNER MONSTER FROM A NON TUNER'S MONSTER. Yes yes it should be adding the tuner and the non tuner monster together. So basically the normal equation would be:
non tuner+ tuner= synchro
This time its:
Non tuner- dark tuner= dark synchro
The spider gyus summoned level5 Frizgerald by summoning a lvl8 monster and subtracting a dark tuner's level from it(the dark tuner's lvl was 3)
So 8-3=5
Lololol check out the picture of the cards here!: or simply go to youtube n type "yugioh 5ds episode 27"
Side topic #4: i love rendang and Hari Raya. visited so many houses =P fat liau

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