Saturday, October 25, 2008

Magicians galore

With the new magician deck coming up its not hard to expect that people are going to try them out. Although like many ppl said, they will make a comeback but then nobody will play them because only the top decks are played. (top 3 in the meta i mean) I heard people saying the same things abt zombies, Now look at them they are on top =)

I guess this means we need to give it a go. Now why wouldn't anyone want to play them? Spellcasters are a very decent archetype and they have speed control and alot of cards that might make the deck playable. Lets look at the good points and compare them to the top deck of the format (DAD control)

While DAD beats have alot of speed its not hard to see that the spellcasters have that too. In the DAd deck ppl run 3 allures. Well thats not a problem cuz i think most magicians deck pack3 of them too =) Next DAd decks has 3 reinformcents to search out a warrior (airman, grepher bla bla dhero) Now this may not be a storng point but its solid enough: Magicians deck will run 3 dark magicians and 3 copies of Magic black curtain is enough to provide the speed. So long as you can control the field its worth paying half of your life points. magic black curtain is better 3reinforcements IMO because it can bring the monster directly to the field. Altough its targets are limited its still alright. Magician circle is probably another reinforcements too =) its so good and is just one of the best spellcasters support spells too

DAD decks have a field clearer such as DAD, other spells/ traps.
Simple. Run DADas well! its actually very easy. magicians are mostly dark so then DAD makes a great addition to the deck

They provide a certain control too =)
Cards like magic dimension and breaker are good too =) Dont forget there is a slower option like old revengeful magician but thats abit stupid =(

They have tricks=)
With the new deck being released, there are many MANY good cards being reprinted in there and i mean many good stuff like darkred enchanter (i can finally complete hand control deck yay!) and the coveted summon priest. Priest was damn expensive before in the last format cuz of the Rescue Cat decks. Its a shame now because i could buy 3 decks and get 3 priests and 117 other cards for a cheaper price than its previous price =( sori all but u guys who spent on priest just wasted money =( Oh well. Summon priest is just good because it can bring out a lvl4 card anytime from their decks. U can bring breaker out and with Magic City Endimion out you could have a heavy storm just like that. Endimion is just good as it lets you use the spell counters on it for other purposes =) Breaker, darkred enchanter and cards like skill black magician just got a bostup. Combine magic explosion with priest and u get a lvl4 monster every turn from your deck for the cost of merely relinquishing your draw turn. Its a great combo. If you need a monster simply relinquish your draw turn and get it out. If you don need one just take your draw. simple =) Magic explosion is just like a sinister serpent except not as good =(

Although magicians dont have tuners its not all a goner. You can have teleport and clevonse/mind master/pyshcic commando combined all together.

they have power
attack strength isnt a problem either with cards like skil black magician with 1900 atk and dark magician with a 2500 atk. 2500 is enough to kill Stardust. In fact with the sudden craze in dragons (stardust, red demon, dark end bla bla) you can run buster blader in there too for pure fun. Buster blader is no goner because there is skilled white mage to bring it out. Although a simple goyou can take it down thats why the decks should pack book of moons, e-cons, and many other trap cards even dimension prison and phoenix wing wind blast are all good stuff to pack. Compulsory evacutaion device is excellent in there as it returns anything without a discard cost which the magician deck doesnt need any card in the graveyard.

They have a one-sided imperial order!!!
The past Crossroads of chaos box gave them a field spell which most people just ignored. Yes they have Secret village of the magicians. It effect prevents opponent from activating magic cards as long as we have magicians on the field! its totally costless~ (although the magician player cant activate magic if they dont have magician on field its not a problem! its a spellcaster deck right so the the deck should have many magciians in there ;) thats basically a no cost =)]
The DAD deck just stops right there. Allure cant move, the dheros cant be discarded, the reinforments cant move either. GB cant play their book of moons, and stuuf like that. iN TCG lightlords cant play charge of the light brigade. Also, solar exchange cant be played. =) how good is that?

Magicians are a very potent and versatile deck. If we can learn to use the power of magician wisely, they might just become a meta deck that is ahrd to deal off =)

(sorry i promised a magician deck but no time to test out and think of one. =( next time lar )

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