Monday, September 29, 2008

Unneeded advantage

(OKay: this is baha's pic. from designed by him. thanks baha=)]
Ok as anyone can see now, GB is taking a hit and is going down! (yesh im happy abt this). I know i ought to beposting on basically anything else besides DAD decks but they are ruling the format and currently just SO MANY builds have made success and are being tested (from dhero doom lord builds to just normal DAD-tele control)

Today, i m gonna post on some "unwanted advantage" in the DAD deck. Okay im gonna go straight forward and clear in this post and not go use big words and beat around the bush like the authors XD
The current average DAD deck runs at least 12spells in their deck to speed up and own the duel and set control in the early game fast. U could get a DAD and a stardust out on thefirst turn or second turn n no one can stop you. However, i see some of the featured matches in and also from personal experience and seeing other ppl use it, the deck seems to run out of fuel by the second/ third turn. Now THIS ISNT good.
If you look from my point of view the DAD decks has many manyMANY unwanted advantages in there. There are currently:
a) 3 emergency teleport
b) 3 reinforcement of the army
c) 3 allure of darkness
d) 3 destiny draw
Now thats a heck of a lot of cards in there.
Now lets see a decklist 0f the average DAD deck:
[2] Dark Armed Dragon
[1] Emissary of Darkness Gorz
[2] Wicked Emperor Gaius
[3] D Hero Diabolic Guy
[1] E Hero Airman
[2] Knight of The End
[3] Clevonse
[2] Zombie Carrier
[3] D.D Crow
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Brain Control
[3] Destiny Draw
[3] Allure of Darkness
[3] Reinforcement of the Army
[3] Emergency Teleport
[1] Crush card virus
1] Torrential Tribute
[3] Solemn judgment
[1] Mirror force
I know i know the deck awfully looks like baha's from his blog but you cant blame me ! Basically everybody (i mean nearly everybody) is runnin an exact copy of this deck. If they dint change or replace some cards for tech of their own choices then the deck will basically work the same way.

Now after you play for a while, these are some problems you might face:

*useless cards
Why do i say have useless crds? Well its like this. Some times in a game you might draw out those clevonses or your warriors early and so here is problem number one,
you got useless speed cards! What im tryin to convey here is that the speed cards in your deck are basically functional only once a duel. I don think running 3 of each is a must. What i mean is look at this situation:
You play [destiny draw] and pitch [d-hero malicious]. You play your two [emergency teleports] and sync with the [dhero-diabolic guy]s in your deck to create your synchros bla bla bla. Afterwards in the game you can see that after using the destiny draw up, you will find that your 2 other destiny draws in your deck are pratically useless. Also if you dont run anymore warriro cards the 3 reinforcements are gonna be shit. Also, with the current draw engine there is a 60% to 70% chance that you are gonna get clevonse in your hand and end up with useless teleports in the deck.

Solution: cut down those speed cards. We still must keep 3 allure of darkness. Oh yes its GAY GAY GAY. However i see 3 destiny draw being pitched out for space. Next i think running 2 reinforcements are enough. Keeping 3 cards just to fuel 3 targets in the deck is quite useless. You will most likely find out that those targets are already in your hand or something else. So i would say either increase the warrior targets (i dont know there are like a thousand cards and good ways to do it?) U can add necro gardnar, or dark grepher haiyo there is just so many. Dont forget: Necro gardnar(lvl3)+emergency teleport (clevonse-lvl20 = AOJ catastor (lvl5) Yay!

[shout out to Hanrui for telling me this! i guess thats how rusty ur brain can become after spending too much time in the girl world n not in dueling =.=]
Also stuff like [dd crow] should be sidedecked instead cuz you are never sure of your matchup. Maindecking crow is good but if u ask me the deck rather focuses on their own field rather than controling your opponent. In fact the deck focuses on the field while controlling opponnent. Summoning [stardust dragon] and [dark arm dragon] makes your opponent think twice before playing a certain card. they need to get the most advantage out of their plays and with those 2 cards out they arent gonna have much advantage.

next problem: Bounce back
This problem doesnt mean bounce back but your opponent bouncing back. Ok i did choose a stupid title =.= but its practically what i mean to say. What i mean is you set up your field and control control liau then suddenly you find out that your opponent has cards to fight back and regain control of the game. Lightlords do this exceptionaly well with 3 honest. I had my [dark arm dragon] destroyed by [honest] and i was damn pissed there i could remember. Yesh yesh
Remember the previous problem of useles cardds? it makes it worse here. With useless cards and fuel gone for synchro-summoning then you basically cant regain control of the game!

solution- Run more tech cards. It wont hurt. destiny hero doom lord isnt an option. Im talking abt other stuff. You could run [phoenix wing wind blast] to make up for the lost destiny engine and for taking out stuff. It your opponent [Honest] his card then if i chain [pwwb] and discard something useful for myself like [necro gardnar/ dhero diabolic guy/ zombie carrier] then you just got yourself advantage!!

So i think we can some to a conclusion that we can go innovate the deck more. I dono how. happy netdecking lalala. if u dont agree on me on this well so be it. Like any of my posts its just an idea and it wont hurt u guys to do some thinking abt it or try it out right? Who knows you might find out that it actually works.

side topic: I wan run zombie synchro with instant fusion lalala. shout out to for giving me that idea. I still dono what his name is =.= Im gonna post on everyday till sunday. So, pls check back4 more. tqtq

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