Monday, October 27, 2008

Some new form of control

Its fun to tech cards once in a while. You will just love that face of your opponent whenever he sees a card that isnt supposed to be in a certain deck. It causes the element of surprise which is very good. A card that has caught my eye is psycho jumper.
Psycho jumper is a tuner. Which makes it a plus one =) its also psychic type and that makes it searchable by emergency teleport! Its not these little stats that made this card eye-catching. Its the fact that it can switch control of a psychic monster on the field with an opponent monster for a mere 1000lp. If my opponent had to choose the monster that he was giving me then it would make this card sucky. However it lets you choose the monster! With commited fields in the Meta now from stardust and red demon and goyou and dark end ruling the playing field it would be a shame if u lost your monster that u had done so much just to bring out. In fact it would be more of a shame if the monster wasnt destroyed but instead shifted control to the oponent! brainwashing does the job well but then its limited to one per deck =( and mind control forbids the monster that u just took to be tributed ot attacked. Now thats a very big disadvantage if you have no tuner to call out.

psycho jumper lets you take it like a tragoedia. Its not hard to give your opponent a psychic monster. Psychic decks just love this card. Besides its not all bad since the average DAD deck plays at least 3 to 4 psychics ranging from clevonse to psychic commando and even mind master! Mind master would be so good to give to your opponent and watch his face turn blue as you steal his biggy =) Psycho jumper would be good tech and i would like to try it out just for fun anyway. Its good as its still a lvl2 tuner just like a clevonse.

In the last few games i played against my friend's Ratbox zombie synchro deck and in all of the 3 duels i came across the most annoying situation ever came across by each player. =.=

Enter: Neo spacian ground mole

There is nothing to look down upon this lil smiley face dude. In most decks synchro cards happen to be the most hard to take down cards. Is stardust bothering you? or that big goyou guardian that keeps on stealing your monsters? Or even Gladiator beast heraklinos? Anything that is bothering you on your opponent field can be taken down by Neos grand mole. In all 3 duels, i lost a stardust, Red demon dragon and a dark arm dragon to this stupid little rodent.

Any Gladiator beast deck should run this card as it takes care of opposing stardusts for you for free. In any situation simply set it and it dioesnt matter wat deck you play! In zombie synchro your opponent probbaly thinks its a Goblin zombie. he attacks and instead he faces this critter! BB big monster =) In a Gb deck this card set will be able to bluff as hoplomus. When the opponent thinks of hoplomus with only 2100 defense he rams his stardust! Bye bye dragon =P

Grand mole only cost a summon. You may say its quite slow and costly. Considering majority of the games played most monsters are special summoned except in early game where some zombie masters, goblin zombies, ehero airman, dark grepher and thats about all! This card will do wonders in late game and mid game making your opponent make bad moves and think irrationally. It sure made me do so. Try it you wont be disappointed. Remember it can take down anything no matter how big the monster ;)

Next up is a card known as creature swap.

Off all cards i chose creature swap. Why? firstly i think its because recruiters are seeing a comeback in this format. With mystic tomato being run in many dark decks and even mask dragon in Hopeless dragon, and other decks like ratbox or stuff, creature swap is your best friend. Dont forget goblin zombie =) it gives it to yr opponent. Then summon yr zombie master n play creature swap targetting goblin and get your opponent's card, Then attack it and fetch your carrier. =) IMO its still better than psychp jumper cuz u don nid to sacrifice a psychic.

Btw messing your opponent field is pretty much a good idea too =) When ur opponent commits to his field by setting it up with stardust sycnhros dark arm or whatever, its extremely pissing to just summon goblin zombie, sangan, zombiecarrier or some weak shit and then switch! sometimes your opponent has only one big monster n then you switch it for your lil dude n look at your opponent's sour face =D in fact that isnt even hard to come across as in this explosive meta, in mid game there is likely only one or two monsters on field (at max:3) U can have 4 or 5 monsters if u got imbal luck or ur opponent has a bad hand or maybe ur opponent is just noob shit. Remember this and picture this: Switch ur lil weak monster for a big big monster =)

Next up is a card i see many people tech in their deck or put in their sidedeck
Agianst zombie synchro this card is gold. It stops all their little face down cards and that pesky Card of safe return. It certainly spoils other decks' combos. Example Gladiator beast. U can destroy all their face down protection cards like Enemy controller, book of moon and dimensional prison (and the all new anti spell fragrance that many people are playing now!)
But most importantly we are teching this card to counter those anti-meta decks. Metabeat and Remove from play strategies are certainly a popular pick. Also u can destroy skill drain beatdown =) or destroy those annoying shadow imprisoning mirror. How would you like to have 4 heavy storms in your deck? =)
Lotsa tech can get any deck to the top, The more innovation the better the deck. =) BTW if you wanna tech do tech good stuff not crap as its not gonna get you anywhere. Try the above cards you might just be happy

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