Monday, September 1, 2008

Card review: Spirit reaper

Now you all might be pretty surprised here seeing me do a review on spirit reaper. People are gonna say "michael ah why are you wasting our time telling us about the brokenness of this card"

Lets all look at this card. It has 300 attack and a shitty defense. Its dark, zombie and cant be destroyed by battle. It however can be destroyed by a simple target of spell/ trap or monster effect. If it this card attacks directly your opponent loses a card from his hand.

Now this card has its good points being indestructible (is this good? u'll find out later =)] Also if it inflicts battle it rips ur opponent of a card. A minus one and disagvantage is always good.

Now im gonna go over and mention the number one deck right now. GLADIATOR beats. Gladiators function by successfully attacking without beign destroyed. Thus, it will be able to tag out and become broken. Now reaper's effect now isnt good! Why? Against Gb, it is a crappy shit. Gladiators function by atatcking reaper. If they ahve 3 monster onthe field, they attack reaper. All are CONSIDERED SUCCESSFUL. Thus out tag 3 monster lor. Mostly they are gonna call out the fish or the big bird and kill off ur reaper. What a bunch of unappreciative cards. =(

Next ripping a card off your opponent's hand isnt all that good. It might just help your opponent! Imagine lightlords having 3 of them in the grave. Along you come and attack and discard another lightlord. Then they have 4 liau! Next turn come punishment dragoon and boom!!!! GG

Another situation. Against a dark deck. Lets say your opponent has 2 dark monster. Then u go and attack n give him a third dark. Next turn Dark arm dragon! GG. Sometimes, you just might help your opponent get cards he want into the graveyard. Lets say d-hero malicious, mezuki, zombie carrier and mrore! I won many games due to opponent's reaper attack. I gotta thank him for it.

Another situation. U discard an opponent's bestiari from hand. Next turn he sumon out new monster and attack ur reaper! Tag out Darius. Summon out Bestiari from grave! Then contact fusion out Big Bird! Boom! Major disadvantage.

I dont have much to post la. Sometimes if your opponent go play some monster which can do piercing damage spirit reaper is to blame! Also some stupid situations which i come across like having reaper attack n send dragon to opponent graveyard. Then next turn opponent play dragon mirrorfor FGD and i KO.

Since spirit reaper is already like a disadvantage against the 3 major decks i dont think its very very good to run now.

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