Saturday, August 30, 2008

The new metagame?

In the past format, we have seen 3 decks battle each other to the death in each tournament. These 3 deck im sure u all know, r lightlords, gladiator beasts and dark arm synchro. Here, the winner wasnt obvious, lightlords had judgment dragon, dark decks had DAD and other synchro and the Gbs had gyzarus, heraklinos and prismer.

Then slowly, the DAD deck to become more synchro oriented and adding even beast cards such as rescue cat, x-saber airbellum, and more. Thus it became the priest cat synchro.
Then hit the banlist of the format! DAD decks got weaker since rescue cat, dark arm dragon and rescue cat were all semi-limited. Semi-limiting them might not make such a difference but it does make the deck 10% weaker maybe? Lightlords lost judgment dragoon by one. Their only winning card was gone. They dint have Ehren or charge of the light brigade like the TCG. So, it is quite predicted the lightlords are slowing dropping out of the metagame.

The new banlist shall be taking effect starting tomorrow(sept 1st) and most people are very very sure that gladiator beast will be the one to prevail. the fact that not a single card was touched and that test tiger is coming soon just makes it even worse. E-hero Prismer and test tiger is just crazy. For just one card you can get out Kaiseris and most likely hit for damage and tag out 2 more GBs and mostly end up to become Heraklinos. This is a crazy combo and test tiger is to blame.

So, we need a new deck to take out this evil evil deck. Don get me wrong im nt showing Gladiator hate here. Its just major Major dislike. I looked through lightsworn and they just cant do anything against Gb unless they got a godly hand of 2 judgment dragoons. Unless they can have a card that effect is "add judgment dragoon to hand", they will just be outpaced. Now dark arms syncrho. In the past format these 2 decks were always on par with each other. The result will always be about 2/3 out of 5 games. It would be the same for Gb too. But now the speed has dropped and Gbs have gained test tiger. yea sure Dark decks get allure but i don think it is that consistent. You may not agree with me here but what im trying to say here is that allure gets you two cards and that gives you a 50/50 chance of good or bad. It could be 2 good cards/ 1 good 1 bad or 2 bad. But the test tiger and prismer is a definte combo. Searching out gyzarus is consistent and is already 100% advantage. Even if your opponent bottomless trap holes Gyazrus, you will still not be at loss. Its one bottomless to one test tiger.

I looked and looked and researched and all i could find was one solution. Zombies. Spikes and Baron talked about this deck to be tier one this format. This deck is probably the most aggresive and consistent right now. Why? They got book of life, monster reborn, zombie master, mezuki and more in the deck to reborn cards. GB have Darius and monster reborn. Against zombie fast summoning they have lost. Dont forget we are soon to get Gatekeeper of hell Il Blud.

Next draw cards, Gladiator beats dont have any draw card because they dont want to draw. All they want is a consistent adding to hand which is enough. That is why they play proving ground, e-hero airman and reinforcements to do the job. Zombies have a consistent fast adding prowess ranging from sangan, goblin zombie, foolish burial and card of safe return.

Dont forget zombies will have problems aginst defeat Corn Control which runs Prime Material dragon, vanity Fiend and royal oppresion. All anti-meta decks shall beat zombies. That is why we side-deck dust tornado, twister, whatever and even shrink. Shrink just gets better this format. It annoys Honest, stops GBs abruptly and kills off prime Material dragon and VanityFiend. Why? Becasuse even a 1200 attack monster with shrink can kill any of those 2 2400 attack titans. so zombie master makes it super worthwhile. Mezuki and more stuff even pyramid turtle can do the job. Easy peasy

Dont forget zombies now gain a new ally. Im talking about none other than Tragoedia. Tragoedia is just gay. Nobody cares MUCH about the level copying effect. Tragoedia is a change of heart. I repeat ITS NOT BRAIN CONTROL but Snatch steal! But better! Zombies have looked for a very worthwhile way to discard mezuki and we found this demon. Zombie synchro decks that run d-hero diabolic guy just found something to take control of prime material dragon or vanity fiend.

Furthermore, people talk about royal oppresion. It cost 800 life points to negate a special summon. Dont forget zombies are a deck that are capable to perform 8 special summons! Its not like other decks. Just 3zombie master, 3mezuki, 3 book of life, and 1 monster reborn already make up 10 cards. Don forget to include zombie carrier, goyou guardian, and a crazy lot more. Damage taken earlier in the game troubles your opponent too. Zombie master already is capable to deal more than 2400 damage in one turn if ur opponent wans to stop everything summoned.

Zombies now gain royal iron wall. This card not only stops all remove from play decks which are the one killer of zombies. Dont forget royal wall does more and more gay stuff like stopping Dark arm dragon, allur of darkness and more cards of the dark deck. It also prevents d-hero diabolic guy abuse and Zombie carrier from being removed form play. If Card of safe return is on the field, carrier is a free summon every turn to either act as ur defense against attacks or for syncrho summoning. Stopping bottomless trap hole is useful to isnt it? I mean it stops the remove from play part but the monster will still be sent to graveyard and destroyed. But zombie special summon fast remember? So what's there to worry?

These 4 cards here are the new pioneer for an otk combo with zombies. If you had read the last chapter of my fanfic you would have see Zhi Li use this combo. As long as cards like solemn judgment, divine wrath, jinzo isnt on the field, you are most likely to win the game. Allow me to explain.
This combo can be used in 2 ways. 1st way is to use only one hedehog.
1) reborn carrier without paying cost since COSR is on field.
2) revive hedghog and draw 1 card
3) Get out arms aid(level 4).
4) repeat this combo.
5) If u wan to u, may special summon carriier over n over again and sync with the level 4 arms aid to become level 6 monster such as Goyou guardian, Bruinac or anything else. With the anmount of cards drawn from Card of safe return from this process or other earlier combo it will be likely that you can clear your opponent field for Briunac effect. Than that would be good game.

Combo #2. This is definitely the better combo. However it takes at least 2 or 3 bolt hedhog in the grave. But that wouldnt be hard since there is zombie master, hand severing, snipe hunter, foolish burial bla bla to do the discarding.
1) reborn carrier + 2 hedhog and draw 2 cards =D
2) get out your goyou
3) repeat this process once more and get out one goyou. 2 more cards drawn =D
4) get out your briunac. 2 more card drawn =D. Use briunac effect and clear field. I think 6 cards should be able to do the job.
5) With only 2 monster spaces left just get out one Arms Aid and attack to win the game XD

This combo is extremely versatile and dangerous to play off. You can play a combo deck based on it now or just splash it into ur zombie/ synchro deck. Getting out syncrhos more consitently and faster and better outcomes than the priest cat deck which can only get out level 6 syncrho and only one at a time and (maybe 2 if you have pot of avarice)

Zombies might just be the new deck to beat or to beat GBs. Its fast consistent and with different tech, we can just stop GB. Innovate now.

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