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The apotheosis: living dead!!!

Well surely most of you go to and u guys r sure to be familiar with Jason Grebher Meyer's the apotheosis articles. Well, im doing one on my own since a friend of mine requested for it. Enjoy=)
Baha and Kenneth did their new posts and its time i did mine.
1x Dark Magician of Chaos
2x Red Eyes Undead Dragon
3x Zombie Master
3x Mezuki
3x Zombie Carrier
3x Pyramid Turtle
1x Spirit Reaper

1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Trunade
1x Monster Reborn
1x Premature Burial
2x Foolish Burial
3x Book of Life
3x Card of Safe Return
3x Zombie World
1x Brain Control
1x Smashing Ground
1x Lightning Vortex

3x Solemn Judgement

Extra Deck[15]:
1x Dragon of Ice Barrier-Brionac
2x Ally of Justice-Catastor
2x Stardust Dragon
1x Red Demon's Dragon
2x Goyou Guardian
1x Mental Sphere Demon
3x Death Kaiser Dragon

Anyone who read the chapter 2 of my fanfic will know that Zhi Li plays a deck of zombies which loops from arms aid to lvl 6 synchros to lvl 8 synchros. Its a sick and terrible combo and Marcus Ang from Singapore, 15, asked me to tune his deck to fit that combo and to turn this deck into a synchro machine while keeping up with the zombies theme.

The deck looks fine thought there are many things wrong with it. For example the monster line-up is wrong. The current meta trend calls for a big monster line-up at least 19 or 20. 16 will just clog ur hand with magic and traps. Next the wrong thing is that his deck still has MOBC which was banned in the past format. =.=

Time to cut some cards. I think i have to cut the deck of at least 20 over cards. Time to do the cutting and do some explaining!
-3 pyramid turtle
-1x Dark Magician of Chaos
-2 red eyes zombie dragon
-1 mezuki
-1 zombie master
-1 spiritt reaper
-1 giant trunade
-1 premature burial =.= ban la.
-3 book of life
-1 card of safe return (limit liau ler)
-3 zombie world
-1 smashing ground
-1 lightning vortex

Okay i cut just 21 cards from the deck. The searcher pyramid turtle is quite useless its quite slow. We want a deck which can react and do stuf on its own now wait for oyour opponent response. pyramid turtle is a card that needs opponent to respond so NO
Dmoc is banned. Red eyes undead dragon sucks. We must use goyiu guardian instead its way way better too. I find 3 zombie master and 3 mezuki too much so i cut the deck down by one of each. Why? too many also no use. And a tech card later will just kill mezuki. Besides xutting off 2 more will give us more space to tech and innovate.
Spirit reaper is cut off because we want the deck to commit to the monster field and destroy oponnent with fast attackers and strong ones too. If u wan a tribute for crush card go find 3 zombie carriers instead which are in the deck.
Mst and giant trunade are good cards but i feel that they dont belong there. Trunade kills off the iron wall combo and i think MST isnt just that worth running now. ITS GOOD I ADMIT but it doesnt really provide much advantage. Its just too....ah u know...Its a 1 for 1 n godly but still i don like it....3 book of life and 3 zombie world are cut off because they are situational cards. The world can still be sided to kill off oppresion monarchs with prime material. book of life is too situational and the amount of zombies in the grave are just not worth reviving. Mezuki is a card u want in the grave. And other cards just r needed to sync out the Synchros. We already have zombie master to do that. NEXT.
Smashing ground and lightning vortex are not really needed. U dont really need monster hate cards since the deck is likely to be able to clear off everything with its fast attackers.

Now to add some cards.
Marc's deck had only 38 cards and thats another big mistake. 40 cards minimum. Good. That gives us 23 spaces to use and innovate. I will add in 24 more cards since one more isnt much and the deck is so fast i don think it will need it.

+1breaker the magic warrior
+2 bolt hedghog
+2 clevonse
+1 morphing jar
+2 goblin zombie
+3 dhero diabolic guy
+1 sangan
+2 dark arm dragon

+2 emergency teleport
+1 hand severing
+2 cold wave

+1 mirror force
+1 crush card virus
+3 royal iron wall

Okay my reasons why i do so.
Breaker the magical warrior is good. Its efficient and it can kill off spells/ trap and still attack. Picture this: Breaker+ urgent teleport= Goyou guardian+1 free monster(goyou effect)+ one spell/trap of opponent gone. Breaker is also a great card to take out face down solemns which are a problem.
Next i run 2 teleport and 2 clevonse mainly because of 3 reasons:
1) teleport abuse with iron wall = clevonse on field forever. =)
2) its fast, its efficient and clevonse is a great staller
3) Its a card that can stop GB, be chained to, and the hand clog problem will be solved by the zombie carrier cost.

2 goblin zombies are a must with their gay searching sangan effects . Picture this we can have 4 ssangans in a deck. Sounds good? Yes. Next goblin zombie+teleport= goyou/briunac + zombie in hand. Again insane advantage. You have 2 for 2.

Sangan is for more speed and is basically a zombie searcher as well indirectly. In the olden days ppl used sangan to fetch witch of black forest n then use witch to search out the card desired. the theme is zombies. This way, sangan will search out zombie goblin which leads to any zombie from deck. Its nearly as good as a witch+sangan and i wont complain =)
Also sangan can have his effect faster but combining it with Crush card virus and teleport. Teleport+sangan= AOJ catastor and a card in hand. Sometimes we can get morphing ajr so good lor.

Bolt hedghog was originally the main idea of the deck. IMO, 2 is enough and i wont run more than that. Its discardable by zombie master effect.

3 diabolic guy is speed and faster synchro summon. Furthermore hand clog problem once again can be solved by zombie carrier cost. Diabolic guy(malicious) is also a card that can be discarded easily by zombie master and cost for crush card virus.

dark arm dragon is just good. Even with iron wall on field he is still a beatstick. And the deck calls for lots of playtesting so you know when to make the right move. Some cards may clash with each other such as malicious+DAD killed by iron wall. Nevertheless, DAD will come out faster since 3 darks in grave is easy to achieve and the control of grave is achieved through zombie master.

Hand severing is tech, Sometimes the deck doesnt have enough cards and calls for discarding because of badhands. Severing fixes this and at one copy in deck he is good and efficient since bad hand is likely not to be achieved. Imagine discarding carrier/ mezuki/ diabolic guy to find ourself draw zombie master and laugh at opponent! cuz thats when synchro begin!

Cold wave is a good card. Its a meta killer and i dont have many problem with it. Any card that can make me gain advantage in a huge lot is welcome in here. Cold wave is perfect witht he swarm theme and just my luck the deck doesnt have many spell/traps to rely on. Cards like monster reborn bla bla can wait and the hand severing, emergency teleport and royal iron wall can be chained to. =)

3 iron wall is the bomb here. It kills the average dark deck as it kills off Dark arm dragon, DD crow(which spoil the combo) , Gaius the wicked emperor, and the new allure of darkness! Oh yea the rulings for Allure are as follows:
If royal wall is activated before allure then allure cannot be activated. If allure is activated and wall is chained then allure effect continue and the monster removed from play is sent to the grave yard instead. I never check but on the Singapore forums i posted this questiona n a guy gav us the rulings on wall+ common charity(a card similar to allure except the cost is changed to normal monster). Slh be same bah so yea here it goes.

CCV is just so good in here wrecking havoc and then going siao since so many tribute. Mirror force urmm good card so go in lor. Torrential tribute was EXCLUDED from the build since the deck is swarms fast and this card doesnt belong in here since u don wan to kill off ur swarm right? Dont argue here, i testdecked and it really doesnt belong in here. It usually ends up dead

This deck is crazy. With proof from Shonen Jump Baltimore we can see that Gb are going down. DAD teleport decks are going crazy once more. The TCG n OCG are on par i guess since the TCG GB n OCG also same ba we got slave tiger liau. N then we have allure. So...=)
DAD decks are crazy and with more innovation we can beat the hell of lightlords and GB! Zombies might just be the new DAD teleport deck type to tech with since it has speed, a reborner and grave controller, and a decent searcher. They just might be good. East Japan top 8 decklist got one of them run zombies in their decks. So, yahoo we can win!
I dint run allure or Ddraw since the deck is already fast. Furthermore with the royal iron wall miandecked not good la. Minimize the card removing craziness and stick with the ones that can help only.

Besides i rather have a definite option rather than a chance taking option. This mihgt sound confusing but running allure will give u 2 cards so means there is a 50-50 chance that its good ot bad, Could be 2 good, 2 bad or one of the other. But with the zombie speed u confirmed got synchro on field and swarm liau. Going through life and living for 14 years a definite and a person who doesnt rely on luck tend to succeed more. Same with the deck. So, the deck goes on.

This deck plays tuners like crazy and abuse them. People complain that GB have test tiger but to me i think tuners r like test tiger. Since test tiger trades him n the GB for another bettter card it works in the same concept with tuners. basically i'd like to think tuners as test tigers as they trade the other monster n them for a big big nice monster.

This deck needs lot of testdecking. And it needs a crazy lot and hell lot of practice to know n make the right decision. Its no easy deck to pay trust me . U have to sometimes take a gamble for the card to discard for foolish burial or the zombie to choose for zombie goblin effect. The deck will onli work well if u testdeck it alot n u learn to get used to it. If u nvr play then its just like useless. Its like giving a handless person a ring. A useful item but cant be used.

Here is the results of testdecking:
Lightlords: 4:1

GB: 3:2

Other dark arm decks: 5:0

normal zombies with undead world: 5:0

Meta beat= 2:3 but with sidedeck can beat

prime material monarch: 5: 0 since gaius is dead. N side deck zombie world. The deck takes it out nicely anyway. N can strike by turn 2 n one turn kill

Pretty good huh? i think can tahan la. N with more innovation it might just turn out as good as GB. Good luck if u guys wan play this deck. =)

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